Horror Short Review: “Hell” of a Good Time

There is nothing like a creative, memorable short film. Ten minutes, twelve, twenty….however long it takes. No time compromised. When done right, the artistic quality of a short is inspiring and dynamic.

That is why I am so excited about Hell, a Naked Hobo production, directed by Glenn Randall Buettner. A modest cast, including himself as something of a gatekeeper or devil (Buettner delivers his lines with a jolly countenance and wonderful accent) of the underworld, portrays the introduction of Hell-a scenario in which you really can’t predict what is coming next from moment to moment. Is your idea of Hell a simple sunny day? Birds singing? Colorful, cheerful patio furniture? I found myself thoroughly delighted to be wondering what exactly was going on with a man, supposedly living an eternity of consequence for his despicable deeds, sitting on a sofa sipping a beer and watching the game. Maybe Hell isn’t such a bad place after all….or perhaps it’s worse than you could possibly imagine.

Hell is funny, odd, and smart. I was very happy to see that Buettner made his “own damn movie,” at the urging of a friend, especially for the fact that in just about eight minutes, he wraps everything up neatly and impressionably in a shocking, fun, and twisted little gem.

I look forward to anything Buettner and Naked Hobo Productions may have for us in the future.

—Catherine Kincannon