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We are bringing slashers back with Slasher Studios! Having been raised on 80′s slashers, we want to make fun, clever films that play homage to the genre that we love so much. Our first film TEDDY received great reviews from critics around the world and went on to win Audience Favorite at Chicago Fear Fest and Best Horror Short Film of 2012 from Horror Society. We followed up “Teddy” with the 90’s slasher homage POPULARITY KILLER and the family revenge short BLOOD BROTHERS.

In October 2013, we released our first slasher feature, DON’T GO TO THE REUNION. An 80’s style whodunit, the film played at numerous film festivals around the world and won Best Actress at Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival. In 2015, we released our very first holiday horror slasher DISMEMBERING CHRISTMAS that also marked our first ever HD release. Our latest horror feature, IRRATIONAL FEAR, premiered in late 2017. The film is a mix of psychological horror and slasher elements wrapped up with some of the most outrageous deaths we have ever captured on film. the All Slasher Studios films are available to purchase at the official Slasher Studios store.

Thanks for slashing with us!!

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3 thoughts on “About/Contact Us

  1. My name is Matt Frame, director of ‘Camp Death III in 2D!’

    Enjoyed your Friday the 13th Part III review and thought my film might be up your alley.

    It’s a comedy/horror parody of ‘Friday the 13th Part III 3D.’

    We just completed the film and are about to launch our festival run.

    We’d be honored if you would consider watching the first 5 minutes of the film and/or the trailer.

    If you dig what you see then feel free to watch further.

    Let me know if I can send you a password for our online screener.

    Many thanks!
    [email protected]

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