Great Moms of Horror: Corrine Foxworth (“Flowers in the Attic”)/Donna Trenton (“Cujo”)

Corrine Foxworth. Not straight up horror, but what she does is appalling. Imagine being locked up in a attic for 4 years manipulated, abused, tortured, and eventually fed arsenic poisoning (in a pretty chalice no less) by your own mother all for money. That’s messed up big time.

—Vince Fontaine

DEE WALLACE… the ultimate horror movie mom as far as I’m concerned. No matter if she’s trying to save her baby from being eaten by a cannibal clan in the desert, protecting her young son from both heat exhaustion and a crazy rabid St. Bernard or battling an army of hungry little alien fuzzballs along with her family, she’s at the top of her game.

—Brian C Tyler


Great Moms of Horror: Ma (“American Gothic”)/Mrs. Wadsworth (“The Baby”)

Who can’t admit that Yvonne DeCarlo has an excellent look for playing this type of character?

Ma and Pa live with their three “children” on an island that they want to keep all to themselves. Anyone that threatens their “existence” ends up being murdered at the hands of this demented family. When an airplane has to make a crash landing on the island, the poor travelers have no clue what they are in for when they meet the ultra religious, ultra demented family. And nobody can deny the influence “Ma” has over her family. Whether she is whipping up homemade apple pies or burying knitting needles in someone’s body, this is one Ma that deserves to be remembered!

Remember…. No smoking at the dinner table. Or else

The ultimate mother from hell! Ruth Roman as Mrs. Wadsworth in The Baby (1973).

Mrs. Wadsworth and her two daughters have a dirty little family secret. They are forcing their brother (who is at least in his 20s) to remain an infant. Mrs. Wadsworth has a sick love for her son but also a hate for him because of how the men in her life have treated her. When a concerned social worker steps in to help, things really get out of control spiraling to a battle to the death involving meat cleavers, fireplace pokers, chairs, hatchets, etc… Who will end up with baby? And why?

Excellent film with an excellent scenery chewing performance from Ruth Roman as the cunning and cruel mother. “You damn BITCH” she says with such venom as she stares down the social worker on her front porch…. They don’t make movies like this anymore.

—-Nathan Johnson


Great Moms of Horror: Debbie Salt (“Scream 2”)


While Rebecca De Mornay is by far my favorite horror mom, 2nd place for me would go to Mrs. Loomis aka Debbie Salt in Scream 2. Throughout the movie we see Laurie Metcalfe as the annoying news reporter following Gale around the Windsor College campus begging for an interview as Gale’s “biggest fan”. However when we come to the reveal of who the 2nd and last killer it is, it’s none other than Ms. Salt herself. But wait, Sidney recognizes her….”Mrs. Loomis?” and to quote the other killer Mickey: “Billy’s…mother!” It’s at this point when shit gets real. Once Mrs. Loomis thinks she’s killed both Micky and Gale, it’s a stand off between Mrs. Loomis and Sid. As the scene progresses, we gradually see Mrs. L really lose it. Sid takes swipes at her as a mother and at her dead son. Till finally Loomis flips out and will stop at nothing until Sid is dead. What I like about Mrs. Loomis is that the woman really knows how to blend in. Not only that but she held tough throughout the whole battle with Sid. That is until Sid put a bullet in her head. Metcale really and excellently channels the infamous Pamels Voorhees in this movie. Starting really sweet when we first meet her, to turning fucking psycho by the end. Who woulda thought Aunt Jackie from Roseanne could have tackled a role like this?

–Cody Landman