High School Horror: “My Super Psycho Sweet 16” (2009) Review

My favorite high school-themed horror movie is 2009’s “My Super Psycho Sweet 16”.

Spoiled rich girl Madison Pensrose (Julianna Guill) convinces her father to open The Roller-dome which was closed down due to a series of grizzly murders that had taken place 10 years ago, along with this, social outcast Skye Rotter (Lauren McKnight), who happens to be the daughter of The Roller-dome murderer, finds herself victim to Madison’s bullying do to a brief but flirtatious confrontation with Madison’s ex, Brigg (Chris Zylka). One thing leads to another and Skye meets up with Brigg at Madison’s sweet 16 and soon enough, the killer comes back to wreak havoc during her party.

Now I saw this is my favorite high school themed horror movies because the high school is used most frequently throughout the first half hour or so of the movie, helping viewers decide which characters they love and which they hate. Not only that, but the film centers around on high schoolers.

The cast is surprisingly great. For mainly new-comers, the actors really knew their shit and not one of them had a moment where they made viewers feel that what they were doing and saying wasn’t real. Julianna Guill especially played the role of spoiled-rotten Madison, and you even start to feel bad for her throughout the film. In one scene in particular, Julianna manages to make Madison seem like she isn’t a complete bitch, even though she obviously is one which is revealed 5 seconds later. Lauren McKnight did a phenomenal job as well playing the social-outcast Skye Rotter. She comes off as a girl that we all know/knew growing up which makes you love her character 100000x mores than the screenplay writers probably anticipated.

Being a made-for-TV movie, you’d expect everything to be toned-down to the point where it’s like the Prom Night “”remake”” , but surprisingly this film didn’t hold back on the gore too much. The kills were actually pretty brutal, especially one that evolved a fire extinguisher. Definitely didn’t expect that from an MTV release.

All-in-all, My Super Psycho Sweet 16 is probably one of the best slashers of the last decade, in my opinion, because of it’s refreshing feel and 80’s slasher homage. If you haven’t already seen it, then you definitely need to asap.

–Sean Wells


Slasher Death Scenes We Love: “I Know…”, “Scream 4”, and “My Super Psycho Sweet 16”

Looks like we have some more slasher deaths for you horror fans. Here are three more favorite slasher death scenes submitted by Kevin, Brian, and Cory. Keep those favorite deaths coming at the Slasher Studios Facebook Page. Submit your favorite slasher movie death scenes and why they love them so much and we will feature them here!

Reece Glen Donnell-“I Know What You Did Last Summer”
My favourite slasher death comes from 1997’s I Know What You Did Last Summer and it is the untimely death of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s lovely Helen Shivers. For me this is the ultimate in slasher death scenes because of the eight minute long chase sequence that precedes it. The character puts up one hell of a good fight for her life and has the audience rooting for her until help is only feet away, but in typically cruel slasher style it’s too late. As an audience member I was willing Helen to survive more and more as the scene went on and could’ve cried when the slicker clad villain appeared behind her….I think purely because I wanted the character to survive SO badly and the fact she didn’t after such an epic struggle, is the reason the scene has stayed with me.

Cody Landman-“Scream 4”
My favorite slasher death is Olivia Morris in Scream 4. I love this death because of not only the bruality of her death but everything that leads up to it. Kirby and Jill talking to Olivia next door over speaker phone. Kirby getting the phone call from Ghostface and having a one-on-one with him. Eventually saying he’s in the closet. With Olivia still on the line Kirby opens Jill’s closet to find…nothing. Ghostface saying he didn’t say he was in Jill’s closet. Ghostface then pops out of Olivia’s closet. Olivia gets tossed around dressers, walls, etc. Receives multiple stab wounds and face smashed in a window. All in front of Jill and Kirby and ultimately guts Olivia in front of them too.

Sean Hogan Wells-“My Super Psycho Sweet 16”
Oh god, my favorite slasher death scene. Such a hard decision, but the first thing that popped into my mind was Chloe’s death in My Super Psycho Sweet 16. Definitely the most brutal of the film, this scene caught my attention as soon as Charlie appeared out of the fog and beat her with the extinguisher. These scene wasn’t taken to the extremes with the gore factor because it is made-for-TV, but I found it to be enough to call itself a good scene, and the slight suspense of Chloe calling for Skye had me a bit intimidated by what was going to happen to that poor girl.


Slashers We Love: “Prom Night” & “My Super Psycho Sweet 16”

Today we are featuring two mini reviews from fellow fans of the slasher genre as they each talk about their slasher favorites. Thank you Kevin and Sean for sharing your slasher favs! Go to the Slasher Studios Facebook Page and select a picture from your favorite slasher movie and do a small write up and we will feature you and your review on our site. One special review will win a free autographed copy of Teddy!

Kevin T. Smith-“Prom Night”

I have a huge list of slashers I LOVE, but one personal slasher favorite would be PROM NIGHT. Cuz, I love the use of the rules it shoved forth such as Red Herrings, Great chase scenes (Wendy’s chase scene,to me, is still one of the best slasher chase scenes PERIOD!), a AWESOME killer who can run like hell & swing a axe like a champion, plus all the small campus “stalker” bits involving cutting yearbook photos out & putting them in their lockers w/ shards thru them. It just rules :)

Sean Wells-“My Super Psycho Sweet 16”

I don’t know how to start this, to be honest. I truly adore the salsher-genre of horror films, so it’s actuall hard for me to pick just one film. In all honesty, my favorite slasher changes with the seasons, but, my heart will ALWAYS have room for the made-for-tv film My Super Psycho Sweet 16.
I remember seeing a TV spot for it on MTV back in the begining of October 2009, about a month before it’s release. I had low expectations for the film because of the act that it was attatched to MTV, but, when I saw it, I fell in love.

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 stays true to the 80’s slashers with it’s cliche characters, catchy, quotable dialouge, and fun deaths, which makes the film really enjoyable. The acting was actually really good, too, considering most of the actors weren’t really ‘experienced,’ if you will. Especially the minor characters, they definitely deserve to be in more films, and I’m sure they will be.

As for the special effects, they’re probably the best you’ll see in a made-for-tv film, and they’re not even that bad. While using a perfect amount of CGI, the kills were put together really good.

All-in-all, this film was truly an amazing film, with every cliche a horror film can have, this film is probably one of the best slashers this generation will get. Spawning 2 sequels, this film seems to have a cult following in the future.