Black Christmas (2006) is a Fun, Gory Rollercoaster of a Slasher


On Christmas Eve, a small group of sorority girls started getting obscene phone calls from the previous of owner of the house, Billy, and one by one the girls start getting stalked and killed off. Could it be Bill returning to his childhood home or could it be some random maniac?

Black Christmas or Black X-Mas is a somewhat remake of the original Bob Clark classic slasher, Black Christmas. The 2006 film is directed by Glen Morgen and in my opinion his work besides the “Final Destination” series is under looked and doesn’t get the respect the films deserve especially Black Christmas. I would actually say that it is not really a remake and it can stand on it’s own as a film. Except for a few homages to the original and the title, it’s a different film compared to Bob Clark’s film and if the original never existed then I think more people would enjoy it.

I love the gory kills, one liners from the girls and sorority mother, the fact that most of the girls fight back, the cool twist towards the end about the killer, the fact Andrea Martin is return back from original now playing the sorority mother, and much more. I would put this film in my top 10 or top 15 favorite modern slashers, and it’s definitely a Christmas horror favorite I watch every year. To me it’s a perfect modern fun slasher film.
If you want to re-watch it to get a second opinion if you didn’t like it the first time or if you haven’t seen the film yet then go in open minded and look at it as a totally different film from Black Christmas (1974).

Happy Holidays everyone!!

–Justin Rhine


Guilty Pleasure Horror Movies: “Black Christmas” (2006)

My choice for guilty pleasure week is brainless gore-fest remake Black Christmas.

The film tells the story of a group of sorority sisters; Kelli (Katie Cassidy), Melissa (Michelle Trachtenberg), Lauren (Crystal Lowe), Heather (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), Dana (Lacey Chabert), and their house mother Ms. Mac (Andrea Martin), who find themselves being stalked by an escaped psycho killer named Billy. It all begins with them receiving creepy phone calls, but as the sisters begin to notice that their other sisters are going missing, they realize that something is really wrong. When one of the missing girls’ sister (Kristen Cloke) appears to pick her up, she joins the girls in hopes of surviving the night. Merry Christmas Delta Kappa.

Let me start by saying that this remake is extremely bad and in no way comes close to being as good and amazing as the original. However, that doesn’t leave this viewer with a few positive things to say. The remake does try to follow the original, but what really ruins it is giving the killer a backstory, but also throwing an inbred daughter/sister in the mix. To me that’s what really prevented it from being good. The film is bad, but there is a lot of fun to be had here. It has blood/gore, hot girls, laughs, and a high body count. What more could you ask for with a mindless slasher? I will admit that it has some nice acting from its hot cast. Especially from Michelle Trachtenberg, Crystal Lowe, and Lacey Chabert. The film also has a surprisingly great atmosphere. It really sells the fact that it’s taking place on a stormy Christmas night, and it has that creepy empty house feeling with all the creepy noises an old house would make. The set design also throws it all together well. One other thing I felt this was really lacking a chase scene. Melissa does get one, but it is way too short, but I guess it’s better than nothing.

Despite what you may hear about this movie, I still highly recommend it. As long as you turn your brain off and just enjoy the great cast, kills, fun characters, and the atmosphere, you may just hate it much less. The original will always be amazing and a classic, but there is nothing wrong with a bad horror movie that will still provide some fun. Another note, forget everything you’ve seen in the theatrical trailer, because at least half of the footage does not exist in the film. Which is a huge disappointment.

–Cody Landman