Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Leprechaun” (1993)

Today for you slasher fans we have a special double feature of the luck of the Irish. First off, we have our resident Twitter reviewer Tim Schilling with a brand new tweet by tweet review for the one and only “Leprechaun.” Is it worth your time or has your luck just ran out?

Thoughts before the film:
I’ve actually never sat down and watched this entire movie. I’ve only seen parts. Maybe parts is enough. I saw most of three and actually liked that one too but it’s been a while. I’ll be watching the first 4 over the next week or so. #Leprechaun

Thoughts while watching:
0:10 Continuity people, geez!
0:12 If only Jennifer Aniston was still this young…
0:15 “Oh, you mean this place here?” You mean the house I just watched you walk out of?
0:18 You’re like 4 years old, do you even know what beer is?
0:22 Why I’m a leprechaun!
0:28 Ozzy is in the running for the most stupid movie character ever.
0:33 Whoever did the killings is back because they like it it. How did this not win the Oscar?
0:31 Jennifer, you SAW Nathan walk away. How would he get under the truck!?
0:33 A leprechaun on a tricycle is terrifyingly… Funny.
0:37 This dude isn’t a leprechaun, he’s a vampire.
0:46 He realized he was ugly as fuck.
0:51 Why would you even paint your house that shade of blue…
0:55 But why is it daytime outside when it was just the middle of the night?
1:00 I wish I had a cell phone like that. I didn’t even know they had phones back then…
1:02 Come on Jen you met these people just earlier today, don’t be such a bitch.
1:05 “me golden delicious gold” why did this not win the Oscar for best screenplay.
1:10 I may have actually just jumped when the leprechaun came through the floor… Don’t tell anyone.
1:26 I bet this kid needed to get permission to swear from his parents.

At least #Leprechaun was entertaining to watch. It’s cornyness is what is going to keep the movie known and talked about and not be forgotten like a lot of ‘good’ movies are.

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“Leprechaun” or The Revenge of Jennifer Aniston’s Old Nose

"Leprechaun and Little People Fetishes Centerfold, May 1994"

Oh the joys of “Leprechaun”. The basic plot? A really nasty leprechaun is robbed of his gold and forced to lie trapped in a crate for ten years thanks to a magical four-leaf clover. When the Leprechaun is awaken from his slumber, he makes a vow to kill everybody who stands in his way of his recovering his gold. Sound promising? I’d say you’re luck just ran out.

"Lucky Charms, My Ass!"

“Leprechaun” is the sort of movie I might expect to see from someone who decided that there simply MUST be a St. Patrick’s Day horror movie. The movie does have one good thing going for it, though, a young Jennifer Aniston who is actually quite charming as our lead and ultimate “Final Girl”. Tory is a spoiled young girl from L.A. forced to spend the summer with her father and friends in an all but condemned house in North Dakota. The very same house the mean, old Leprechaun has been staying!

"You think this is bad? You haven't seen Love Happens yet!"

Ugh…is this movie over yet? There is a slight bit of blood and gore, but the leprechaun spends more time trying to be funny (his “jokes” make Freddy Krueger seem like Woody Allen) than providing us with satisfying deaths. Far too many ridiculous sight gags are played, insulting the intelligence of even the youngest of viewers, and the climax (“FUCK YOU LUCKY CHARMS”) is too inane for words. In the world of horror movies, Leprechaun is typical B-rated horror….nothing more and nothing less.