31 Days of Horror – Day 17 – Scott Schirmer’s FOUND Delivers the Gruesome, Gory Goods

FOUND is the latest award-winning horror feature from director, Scott Schirmer. Winning Best Feature at Elvira’s Horror Hunt, this grisly film revolves around a young boy named Marty and his obsession for horror movies. Marty is bullied at school and his home life is a mess, but luckily for him, his passion for terror on the silver screen helps keep him grounded. As a secret is revealed about a family member, Marty must decide if he should put his family first or stand up for what is right.

With FOUND, Schirmer creates a unique film that hits on all cylinders. High levels of production value and acting are paired up nicely with the well thought out story. Marty is a great character that lets the true horror fans in the audience reminisce about the days of being a kid in love with movies. Gavin Brown, who plays Marty, is a great young actor with a bright future. His lines are delivered to perfection as none feel rushed or amateurish in any way. The big brother in the film, Steve, is played by Ethan Philbeck. As a stage actor, Philbeck takes to the screen with an amazing transformation into his character. Winning Best Actor at Elvira’s Horror Hunt at Hourrorhound in Indianapolis for his role, Philbeck hold nothing back. He gives by far and away one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in an independent horror film. His performance must be seen to be believed.

So, if you have the chance to catch this movie at an upcoming film festival, don’t miss out. The blood, gore and downright disturbing imagery found with this indie flick can rival any film as of late. The ending will make your skin crawl and if you have a weak stomach, you may need to look away. Although, we here at Slasher Studios couldn’t take our eyes off the screen!