Slasher We Love: “Friday the 13th Part II”, “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter”, and “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

Today we are three more mini reviews from fellow fans of the slasher genre as they each talk about their slasher favorites. Thank you Ricky, Corey, and Brian for your selections! Remember just go to the Slasher Studios Facebook Page and select a picture from your favorite slasher movie and do a small write up and we will feature you and your review on our site. One special review will win a free autographed copy of Teddy!

Rickey Russell-“Friday the 13th Part II”

This is my all time favorite slasher flick because it introduces Jason as the ultimate killing machine. It increased my fears of the woods (coming from northwest GA) and gave me a sound effect to torture my little sister with (che-che-che cha-cha-cha). It set the stage for every slasher flick to follow.

Cory Allen-“Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter”

My favorite slasher film is Friday the 13th:The Final Chapter for various reasons. It was the 1st Friday the 13th I ever watched. Ted White portrayed Jason the best. The kills were creative. In my opinion, Final Chapter was Tom Savini’s last good film that he did special effects for. Ever since I was a kid I have loved that film.

Brian C Tyler-“A Nightmare on Elm Street”

A Nightmare on Elm Street is my favorite for several reasons. First of all it has a great concept where if you go to sleep you’re dead. Wes Craven did a great job bringing this story to life, I love how you’re never really sure if what you’re seeing is a dream or reality. Nancy is probably my favorite of the horror heroines because she looks like your typical girl next door but she manages to be really strong and face Freddy and her own personal demons instead of just hiding in a closet and crying. It also helps to have a very unique and terrifying villain, this is before Freddy was in the spotlight and he’s very creepy and menacing here, and the fact that he gets you in your nightmares and can pretty much do whatever he wants to you is horrifying.


Jason Returns (for the First Time) in Friday the 13th Part 2

How do you follow a groundbreaking horror film like “Friday the 13th”? Follow the same formula? Make it another whodunit? Have Jason’s mother come back from the dead to avenge her death? The answer with “Friday the 13th Part 2” is none of the above. “Part 2” takes everything that worked about the original (creative deaths, camp setting, horny teenagers, etc) and amps it up a notch plus it has something that the original doesn’t have….Jason.

“Part 2” begins with our sole survivor, Alice, taking a break from Camp Crystal Lake. Emotionally troubled by what has happened, she is plagued with bad dreams. She believes that she is finally safe and ready to move on with her life. But there is just one problem. It turns out Jason never drowned in Crystal Lake and lived in the nearby woods as a hermit all this time. The day that Alice beheaded his mother, Jason saw everything and he is pissed. Two months later, Jason hunts Alice down and stabs her with an ice pick in the temple. Five years later, a new Camp Crystal Lake is built and the new counselors are soon picked off one by one. It is up to our new hero Ginny to stop Jason once and for all.

“Friday the 13th Part 2” is the kind of sequel that takes a lot of chances and most of them work. The film is well paced, well acted (big props to Amy Steel who does an incredible job as Ginny), and the deaths are effectively gruesome. Also, for what its worth, I’ll take potato head Jason over hockey mask Jason any day. This is a fun sequel that doesn’t exactly advance the series (the godawful Part 3 actually does more to define Jason than this one does) but doesn’t destroy its legacy either. The characters aren’t particularly memorable but they aren’t particularly annoying either. This is really the last point in the series were you actually still feel some affection for the characters. They aren’t quite stereotypes…yet. Furthermore, it contains the two best “jump scares” of the series and the ending is pretty damn scary. Sure the middle act drags a bit but don’t let that stop you, “Part 2” is a fine slasher film that does the series proud.

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