31 Days of Horror: Day 21: “The Campground” (2013)


We here at Slasher Studios have a weakness for 80’s slashers and a soft place in our heart for campground locations. If you are like most slasher lovers, then make sure to check out The Campground. Studio 605 and Sydso Media combine forces to create terror with director, Roman Jossart. On a modest budget of $3,000, the story follows a group of old friends that get together for a birthday party at an old campground. After friends begin to go missing one by one, the living try to piece together the horrific events and do what they can to stay alive.

Jossart had his hands full as director and actor. He was actually the standout, playing the character Brandon and delivering lines with a nice flow and natural charisma that it’d be great to see him take on another slasher. The cast consisted of an array of acting levels and approach to their characters, but featured a number big breasted girls for added viewing pleasure. The camera work was at it’s best during the moving shots and helped add to the production value. The opening shots were a great addition as the audience is taken across the wide open lake surrounded by the beautiful lake-front environment.

This film has a quick running time of 54 minutes and that is really all the time needed to tell this story. Adding additional scenes or dialogue would have done nothing but bog this film down. There are also some great horror movie references found throughout the film and that adds a nice wink to the real slasher fans out there (look out for Slasher Studios’ very own Don’t Go to the Reunion). The music choices in this film were fitting and helped add suspense. You can also find some nice blood-effect work on this small budget film. There is a certain weapon that is used a few times and I am glad that the filmmakers stuck with this for most of the deaths. It really adds to how brutal some of these deaths are.

The Campground was filmed by obvious horror film lovers and it really does shine through. This may have been small on budget, but it was big on heart. The dedication and hard work will be very noticeable to fellow horror fans! For more info on the film, you can visit the link below.