Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Leprechaun 2” (1994)

Now for the second half of our Irish double feature as our Twitter reviewer Tim Schilling brings you a tweet by tweet review of “Leprechaun 2.” Tim admired the corniness of the original but will the sequel be just as fun or has the joke run its course? Hopefully for Tim’s sake, it’s still fun. He still has at least two more movies to watch in the franchise…

Thoughts before the film:
Gonna brave it out a second night in a row and watch #Leprechaun2. So what’s everyones’ take on this series, really bad continuity, a different leprechaun every movie, or something else?

Thoughts while watching:
0:08 What’s wrong Jenny, too good for sequels?
0:16 I’m not sure what this haunted tour thing is all about, but I’d kill to go on one!
0:20 Super charged leprechaun in this one.
0:21 If I have teeth nightmares I’ll know why.
0:24 How can there be 6 seatbelt violations if there were only 5 people in the car!
0:30 I bought you chili dogs, why won’t you sleep with me?
0:32 No wonder why this guy is in Harry Potter, he already is a wizard in this movie.
0:46 Let leprechaun crossed his fingers, we got a badass here.
0:51 The leprechaun really is creepy looking in this one, I’m not too sure what about him though.
0:54 No drinking & levitating.
1:08 “the whole town is looking for you” But he didn’t do anything…
1:11 This movie is the ultimate corn of corny movies. Well, one of the most at least.
1:20 Bridget has such an annoying voice.

I liked #Leprechaun2 more than the 1st. Though the inconsistencies it had were ridiculous,it flowed better than the 1st & was a little funny.

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