31 Days of Horror: “See No Evil 2” (2014) Review


Following the events of the first film, the sequel takes place shortly afterwards. We meet Amy (Danielle Harris), a young woman just finishing up her shift as the local morgue. When news arrives that the corpse of killer Jacob Goodnight (Glenn “Kane” Jacobs) is about to arrive, Amy cancels her birthday plans to help her co-workers Seth (Kaj-Erik Eriksen) and Holden (Michael Eklund) with the body. To Amy’s surprise, her friends show up unexpectedly to celebrate her birthday. The group features the feisty Tamara (Katharine Isabelle), her whipped boyfriend Carter (Lee Majdoub), the bubbly Kayla (Chelan Simmons), and Amy’s brother Will (Greyston Holt). It’s not too long before Jacob Goodnight rises from his slab and is out to crash the party and the group must find a way out of the enclosed morgue to survive.

While I was a fan of the original film, I didn’t find it anything great, but still fairly fun. I was shocked that it actually snagged a sequel. And it was ultimately an enjoyable one. It wasn’t miles better than the first, but still entertaining and slightly better. The film takes place in an excellent setting, many places to run, but plenty of places to get lost. Especially in the dark. Kane is badder than ever in his return as Jacob Goodnight. Showing no mercy for our characters. Scream Queen Danielle Harris is solid as always as our leading lady. She’s a friendly girl with edge who will do whatever it takes to get her friends and herself out alive. Also notable is other Scream Queen Katharine Isabelle. She plays the rule of Tamara with a perfect amount of feistiness and provides laughs with her over-the-top character moments. The rest of the cast does a decent job with their roles. As opposed the first film, the characters themselves range from tolerable to likable, and it helps that they are diverse and have their own personalities. The kills, while sometimes brutal, aren’t nearly as fun or creative as the ones in the original film, but it doesn’t bring the film down. What also scores the film points is the shock factor for a certain moment that occurs towards the end of the movie.

Overall, See No Evil 2 isn’t a perfect slasher film, but it is a fun sequel that features a nice cast with likable enough characters, and a decent body count. But what really stands out the most is the setting and following the characters throughout it. Keeping the audience on edge, not knowing what lies around every corner or in any room they find themselves.

–Cody Landman