Worst Horror Movies Ever Made: “Silent Night Deadly Night 2” (1987)

After reading Justin McKinney’s review of Crazy Fat Ethel 2 (nicely done) this film came to mind and I thought I’d put my thoughts here about this film.

First off a premise concerning the little brother Ricky continuing his brothers killing spree is not a bad idea, I could even say that the idea of having a flashback sequence through the eyes of Ricky is also an interesting idea, but to have the whole film be a flashback film ith maybe 20 minutes of new footage is abysmal. I had the Double Features version by Anchor Bay, but it was stolen, it had an interesting commentary by the director who says he didn’t want to just re-edit the first film and sell it as a sequel, but didn’t have the funds to make a new movie and that he even tried to contact Eric Freeman to participate with him on the commentary but he is nowhere to be found (curious).

This film is nothing more than a long setup for the 3rd film(which I haven’t seen)as what happens on GARBAGE DAY, lol I had too, results in the plot for the next film. The acting is atrocious and laughable, the gore and FX are just god awful and there really is no point in this film except for that line I said above and the commentary track.

The first film was nothing special as it had its own share of problems, but it had a coherent story and knew what it wanted, it gave us enough time to care for the guy and it suked to see him become so evil, in this film we know very little about Ricky and considering he was absent through most of the first film and was a baby at the start he really didn’t have much bad exposure, so him becoming nuts is just crazy in itself.

If you find this film try to get the Anchor Bay Double Feature, as the commentary is only on that and we do get the uncut first film with many features on both.

–Eric Curto