“Asylum Blackout” Serves Up Tasty Cinematic Treat

George and his fellow bad members pick up small gigs at night, while working at the asylum during the day. As cooks fot the criminaly insane, it is their job to prepare and serve the food for the inmates. With a less than ideal job, the group is hoping to make it big sometime soon and leave the asylum for good. Unfortunatly for them, the inmates have other ideas.

As a giant thunderstorm rolls through the town, the power at the asylum goes out. The lights don’t turn on, the security doors are useless and the phones are dead. Reluctant at first, the cooks decide to restore order and bring the wandering inmates back to their cells. George and his friends soon realize the inmates my be insane, but they are not stupid. With an almost methodical plan of attack, the prisoners slowly begin to take over the darkened asylum. Armed with whatever they can find, the criminally insane hunt down the guards and cooks, all while inflicting some serious pain.

The overall production was seamless. The cinematography is absolutely top notch as not one frame from this film is out of place. The picture perfect lighting and color tone found within this film emphasizes the detail and dedication that went into this production. The acting is seriously some of the best to come from a low budget film in a long time. Rupert Evans, the actor playing George, is the dominate acting force in the movie. His performance was is true, believable and without hesitation. Be on the look out for more from Evans.

IFC Midnight comes through big time with their release of, Asylum Blackout. Director, Alexandre Courtes, delivers the scares and the gore in new and inventive ways. The blood is plentiful and the deaths are to die for. Along with the great direction, the superb camera work and acting ensures this 2012 horror/thriller hits on all cylinders.

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