“Dig him up? Does he think I’m a fart-head?”

First of all, I want to apologize to my dear horror readers out there, all three of them. I started reviewing the Friday the 13th series last month and for some reason I just randomly stopped at Part 5. “Where’s the love for the rest of the series?” you may ask. Well the love is starting once again tonight with my review of the sixth installment of the series that just won’t die, Jason Lives. Gone is the pseudo-Jason from New Beginning and in is a different kind of Jason. Jason as a zombie? Does it work or should Jason have been left dying in his grave?

Tommy is back, out of the institution and a quest. His quest is to finally put an end to the Camp Crystal Lake murders once and for all. He is back to finally kill off Jason. Oh yeah…like that worked so well in Parts 4 and 5…Tommy decides to return to the grave to make sure Jason is dead and, wouldn’t you know it, accidentally brings him back to life. Now it’s up to Tommy to stop Jason’s mindless killing and put him back where he belongs.

“Jason Lives” is a very strange entry into the Friday the 13th saga. There is hardly any blood, no nudity (Friday the 13th first?) and the film plays the deaths more for laughs than it does for scares. The film works because it realizes that Jason is no longer scary, so why not just make fun of the whole situation? It is the first Friday movie to even get a little “meta”. Example, before the caretaker is about to die he has a heart to heart with his liquor bottle, “Darling, you’re going to be the death of me. But what a lovely way to go, huh?” Of course, he tosses the bottle behind him and Jason catches it and stabs him with it. The humor doesn’t always work (the paintball scene is painful to watch) but effort is appreciated. As it stands, it’s definitely one of the better entries in the series.


3 thoughts on ““Dig him up? Does he think I’m a fart-head?”

  1. Thank you very much! I’m glad that you are enjoying the site. We definitely put our heart and soul into it. Very happy that you had a chance to check out “Teddy”. We think that “Popularity Killer” will be even better! :)

  2. “…my dear horror readers out there, all three of them.”

    So that’s Jarred, and me, and…? Seriously, I love your website and check in every few days to see what’s new. Your passion for the genre really shines through, and you deserve a huge following. Also: “Teddy” was awesome. :-)

  3. This one is my favorite of the series.

    The introduction to Zombie Jason turned out to be better than expected. At only 18, I grew up watching all of these, and this was the one that really got me into horror.

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