The Top 7 Most Annoying Horror Characters of All Time

You are sitting down watching a great horror movie and having a good time when, all of a sudden, your amusement is cut short. THAT character walks on to the screen. The character that is so annoying and so obnoxious that you just can’t wait for them to die. You pray for a slow painful death to find them – and when it finally happens, you feel the damn good as if you’ve done it yourself. The following are our top 7 most annoying horror movie characters.

7. Tina-“Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers”
This movie has many problems. The movie’s biggest problem? Killing off Rachel from Part 4 and replacing her with this idiot. Tina is one of the stupidest characters to ever hit the silver screen. She makes every mistake in the book. She’s an idiot, she drinks, and she has sex. Yet, somehow we are supposed to relate to her as a final girl? Give me a fucking break. Nothing about Tina is remotely likable and you count down the minutes until she dies. The only good news? She is one of the few final girls to be killed. Thank God for little favors.

6. Titus-“I Still Know What You Did Last Summer”
Much like “Halloween 5”, this movie takes everything that works about the previous installment and beats it into the bloody ground. The worst offender in this movie is Titus played by an annoyingly over-the-top Jack Black (is there any other kind of Jack Black?). A Jamaican, fat, pot smoking hippie? No thank you. Why can’t there be a horror movie in which an overweight character acts reasonably and isn’t there for some dumb comic relief. Titus sure isn’t that character and this movie definitely isn’t that movie.

5. Carly- “Wrong Turn”
The annoying best friend. Where would the horror genre be without it? Nonetheless, Carly is the worst of the worst. Whiny and shrill when she should be smart and compassionate, this is just a useless character that you can’t wait until she dies. This is the kind of character whose boyfriend gives up his own life so she can live and all she can do is whine and cry about it. She’s given a great death scene but it comes at least a half an hour too late into the film. Ugh.

4. Tracy-“Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare”
Let us be honest here, this entire cast could probably compete for a spot on this list. They are all so incredibly annoying that you wish they would all fall asleep so Freddy could start hacking them up before the opening credits are even over. Tracy though is the worst of the worst. She screams out every line, barks out orders, and is just generally nails-on-the-chalkboard annoying. The fact that she DOESN’T die only adds insult to injury. Double ugh.

3. Shelly-“Friday the 13th: Part III”
Is there anything worse than the “funny” best friend? Shelly proves to me that the answer is probably no. This is one sad sack of a character. A character that thinks it would be funny to act as he was dead right after several murders have happened and a character that does just about every stupid move possible. Just thinking about the scene with Shelly and the bikers makes me cringe. Poor Vera. If someone tried to set me up with Shelly I would kill myself before Jason ever got the chance.

2. Franklin-“Texas Chainsaw Massacre”
I have nothing against overweight people. It appears to be that horror writers must as Franklin is the fourth of the seven characters on this list that could be described as fat and obnoxious. In a wheelchair, all Franklin can do is bark out orders and whine and cry about how much his life sucks and how much he hates his friends. It’s painful to watch and Franklin is a character that deserves a slow, painful death.

1. Alan- “Return to Sleepaway Camp”
The worst of the worst. Alan is the kind of character that makes you cringe. He is the kind of person that you could cross the street to avoid. Normally you feel bad for the characters in horror movies that get made fun of but here you feel as if Alan got off easy. That and the fact that Alan is supposed to be the hero of this piece and is our main character? Thank you Alan for ruining an entire film and a franchise that horror audiences waited a decade to return.


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  1. Oh man, I can't help it: I really do love Tina – but I fully agree on all the others =)

  2. Naaaahhhhh man, you forgot the two worst of them all…….Joey and Junior both from Friday the 13th part V : A New Beginning. Both of them deserve the two top notch spots on this list; granted Alan and Franklin are definitely strong runners up.

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