“Nightmare on Elm Street” Sequel Officially Dead

Is it the end for Freddy? Brad Fuller, executive producer at Platinum Dunes took some time over the weekend to share some exclusive updates on the upcoming sequel to the “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake. The remake opened last spring to bad reviews but a solid, if unspectacular, box office take of $63M. Despite various other rumors, Fuller says that at this time there are no plans for a sequel tweeting;

“Lots of rumors out there. I want to set the record straight on freddy and Jason. First, let’s talk Jason. Shannon and Swift wrote a great script. We are ready to go, when new line is ready. But as of yet, they are not ready. As for Freddy, as far as I know, there isn’t even talk of writing another script.”

So it looks like we might have some new Jason coming our way the near future but it appears that Freddy is dead and buried…for now.


22 thoughts on ““Nightmare on Elm Street” Sequel Officially Dead

  1. I think JEH was creepier than Freddy ‘Clown’ger. Robert Englund was great for a few cheesy laughs but horror movies should creep you out. Not saying the previous movies were bad or anything. In fact they are classics. But imagine a Batman reboot with Micheal Keaton, or a Suicide Squad movie with Jack Nicholson as the Joker. Change is often a good thing. Actually, I take it all back but only because I want a Back to the Future remake with Michael J. Fox as Marty.

  2. If I had my chance to write a remake of Friday, I would do two things: 1st) I would look to the original, use Englund, Craven as advisors more than Exec Producers and take what I could from them. craven said if they had come to him, he could have helped with the script and making the film it’s own. Englund said on Twitter or gaboon (can’t remember which) that if asked he would have liked to sit down and explain to the new Freddy the real backstory for Kruger.

    2) make the story a much darker telling, have Kruger a slow killer but with big descent pay offs. Stalk them torment them and then kill them. Also I would reveal how he became a demon nightmare creature, my idea was that he had made a deal with the devil or perform a voodoo spell that he thought would make him immortal only to end up being stuck inside dreams.

    I liked the new film but think Freddy without Englund is like a pin head without its pin, Pointless.

  3. I want to see a sequel to the remake, and not all of the kids from the photo were killed off. They should have shown Aaron Yoo's death since he was one of the original 13.

  4. That’s crazy, it’s really you? NOES2 was the sequel that gave me the most nightmares when I was younger, the other ones did too, but the second one was vastly underrated. I think you did a great job in that movie and Mimi is right, no one could ever take your place as Jesse Walsh. I had big hopes, but the remake was just a disgrace to the whole concept of the originals.

  5. The Friday the 13th remake was pathetic and terrible. The Nightmare On Elm Street remake was intruiging and Freddy was really cool. They need to forget about Jason, who really, bad remake or not, doesn’t have anything else to offer us. Jason rocks, but Freddy has unlimited potentional. Have the writers watch Inception and the anime Sailor Moon SuperS and then write a new Nightmare On Elm Street film titled “Nightmare On Elm Street; Beyond The Mirror” and we’ll see just how sick, wacky, and cool it can be. Just no killing people with video games or remaking the original sequel…or a demon that looks like Freddy for that manner (New Nightmare and Nightmare 2 are so bad).

  6. What “original way” is that? The only similarity between the remake and the original treatment is the child molester premise. Maybe that’s what you meant I dunno. Other than that there is no comparison. Selfish is disrespecting a huge fan base by taking a massive dump on something dear to them, and one man’s vision, just to line their pockets because they COULD. Everyone knows in the right hands this movie couldve been something special, or not at all.

  7. Friday the 13th and nightmare should be left the hell alone they were grate i own all of it even the comic books on Freddy if Robert can’t do Freddy the he is truly dead simple as that and really they had to make him a child rapist really come no need for that crap make a new villein

  8. Nightmare on elm street 4 is my favorite of all the sequels as well, but so many people tell me the acting was terrible in that movie, I’ll take the acting in the originals over the shitty acting in the remake. Freddy’s comedic side added to the twisted-ness (I know not a real word, oh well) of his nature

  9. As much as I quite liked the Nightmare remake, I’m somewhat pleased that a sequel isn’t being made. And hopefully this will stop a certain douchebag on Facebook telling everyone it’s happening

  10. I agree with Craig but us fans want a sequel to the new NOES but with a better cast so let’s give it to them.The new NOES 2 should have Nancy and Quentin going to college, and meeting some dream warriors. Also first death scene should be Quentin getting settled in his new dorm then he falls asleep and gets sucked in the water bed…
    New Cast:
    Freddy= Jim Carrey
    Nancy= Megan Fox
    Quentin= Kyle Gallner
    Joey Crusel= Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Misty Parker= Katy Marie Johnson
    Roland Kincaid= Larramie Doc Shaw  
    Robbie Lane (student councilor)= Johnny Depp 

  11. Now children it’s not anyone’s falt that u don’t like the way the new Freddy was because yes I will admit I loved the original movies until they got ridiculous and anyways this was the original way Wes Craven was gonna make it but back when it was made people weren’t ready for it and it’s obvious nobody appreciate a little bit of a change on a classic film that’s selfish

  12. I agree. I prefer a darkly comedic Freddy flick as opposed to Freddy being the jokey comedian. Nightmare 4 is my guilty pleasure and it is always nice to see someone else list the sequel as one of their favorites. :)

  13. I think NoES 1-4 were absolutely awesome, my favorites in order being 4, 3, 1, 2 (no offense to Jesse’s wonderful performance, but the storyline just didn’t grab me all that well). But after that, Freddy just started getting punny… he started as a very well crafted child molester style bad guy taken to an extreme. He was evil to the bone so much that he made directly sacrilegious comments. As the series progressed, those comments ceased and puns and horrible jokes took their place. I would rather see a continuation of the original storyline, but with the original “Nasty, horrible, villainous evil rivaling the devil come to our world” rather than the “Razor-gloved ghost of a bad stand up comedian” =/ Bring back the horror!!!

  14. I wish they would make another Freddy vs Jason movie and this time put Michael Myers in it. And with this movie Freddy would be played by Robert Englund one last time. The Elm Street remake was ok, Jackie E Haley did a good job, but the problem was how they changed the backstory of Freddy. In the remake Freddy was a child molester who is killed by the parents, comes back as the Dream Killer. The Original Freddy wasnt a child molester, he was a child killer. Went to court, wasn’t convicted because of a mistake by one of the policemen, was freed, then the parents found him and killed him later on, he comes back as the Dream Master years later. The original was better. They should make the Freddy vs Jason vs Myers film. that would be an awesome and it would be something more exciting than another remake. Robert England would play Freddy one more time for this film. Robert England even expressed interest in this a few years back.

  15. I’m a hardcore NOES fan and I was just happy to see Freddy resurrected. I literally had dreams they would make a new movie. Only thing better would be to make a new movie that follows on from the original storyline. Other than that, I’m happy to see Nightmare on Elm Street come back again and again, hence the nature of it’s success.

  16. the remake of nightmare was the better then all of the others. Such a great story. its a shame that the horrible friday the 13th remake is geting a sequal instead of nightmare on elm street. Horrible

  17. “The FRIDAY remake (if you could even call it a remake) was better than the NIGHTMARE remake anyway.”

    better crap is still crap.

    neither one of these failed remakes should be continued in any way, that would mistakenly give the impression that they were in any way good.

  18. ha! I’m glad, because now everyone can go back to the originals! Enough new Freddy. I’m pretty sure that everyone even with that one has “moved on.”

  19. I couldn’t agree with you more Diandra. Ever since New Line was bought out by Warner Brothers, the studio has been around solely to do one thing…make money. The New Line of the 80’s was willing to take a chance on a new director and new writers to come up with fresh ideas and original stories for the series. Were all of the Nightmare sequels perfect? Far from it but they shared a passion and a creativity that is missing from all of the remakes today. The exception might be Rob Zombie’s “Halloween”, I know many people loathe those two films with a passion but I admire Zombie for at least trying to do a spin on the old material. Hollywood doesn’t care so much about story and ideas as much as they care about dollar signs. Freddy Krueger and Nightmare on Elm Streets are brands to Warner Bros. Nothing more and nothing less. We horror fans are at a loss because of this.

  20. It’s kind of sad to not see Freddy return but at the same time I’m really very grateful. I can not stand PD. The rights for a sequel -if ever- should fall into the hands of a good company, someone who will take care of the Nightmare name, the characters, and show respect for the fans. Yet, I do wish Hollywood was just move away from these shallow shells of films we know as remakes. They are cash grabs. Yes, everything is all about making money, but people who have low budget films, films they throw blood, sweat, and tears into(the original Nightmare) actually care about being in the industry for the love of the craft, the cash is simply a lovely bonus. Those are the films I want to see! Take note Hollywood.

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