New “Teddy” Review!

We have been giving so much time and attention to “Popularity Killer” lately that we don’t want to forget about our baby, “Teddy”. Well, speak of the little devil spawn..we just received another review for the film. Max Ingram from Rabid Dog Press, who also reviewed “Popularity Killer” yesterday, gave the film an 8 out of 10 and said “Teddy is another incredible example of what a small group of passionate people can do no matter how limited their time and resources may be. I’ve seen multi-million dollar films that couldn’t capture my interest as well as Teddy did, and this project was completed on a $3,000 budget over the course of a four day shoot. Can you imagine that?”

Those of you who haven’t seen it and order it at the paypal link below and don’t forget to check out Max’s review:

Teddy DVD