Tim’s Slasher Tweet Review: “The Burning” (1981)

Tonight everyone’s favorite guest Twitter film critic Tim Schilling takes a stab at one of the most criminally underrated slashers of the 1980’s, the often ignored classic “The Burning.” Excellent special effects, a fun cast, and one hell of a villain. Does Tim like the slasher as much as we do at Slasher Studios? Let’s find out!

Thoughts before the film:
I loved this movie the first time I watched it, even more than Friday the 13th. It was actually really, really creepy.

Thoughts while watching:
0:07 His arm is completely disgusting.
0:09 I love this music.
0:11 You’re a hooker, everything’s okay with you.
0:25 Pretty sure Glazer is inbred.
0:38 All these people at this camp get over excited for basically anything.
0:46 I guess razors weren’t invented at this time.
0:54 “Come James, we seek wood!”
0:55 This guy really IS creepy.
0:57 What the heck are they using for paddles!?
0:59 Best part of the entire movie. Everyone knows of the raft scene
1:02 “That’s all?” Haha Glazer, you tool!
1:16 This abandoned building or whatever they are scene scare the poo outta me before.
1:25 Crosby looks like a pig. A scary, deformed pig
1:26 Whoa, I actually jumped when Cosby jumped on Alfred. That NEVER happens.

Friday the 13th < #TheBurning. All day, err day. It's definitely one of my favorite slashers. #TheBurning has awesome music, actually pretty good acting, good story with no crazy inconsistencies and very creepy at parts. To follow Tim on twitter: https://twitter.com/schillingt
To follow Slasher Studios on twitter: https://twitter.com/slasherstudios