Underrated Thrillers: “Kevin Smith’s Red State” (2011)

Many KS fans will agree that Kevin Smith certainly turned things around with this film, for years he has been applauded and criticized for his raunchy comedies, usually because each film had a controversial nature to it. Here, we get another dose of his controversial look into how the world can be backwards a lot of the time.

I think this film is amazing, its much different from not only Smith’s work before and it shows his growth as a filmmaker,but its different from a lot of what is done today. The violence of the film is there, but its not overshadowed by the story being told, the story is tole first and foremost and doesn’t take a backseat at gore(although, there is gore, just not too much). I loved the camera work, especially the scenes where the actor has a camera attached, it has a certain realism to it that makes you feel like your there, even more than the 3D films out there now.

Michael Parks is fucking awesome in this film, he really strikes cord with the viewers, as everyone has seen a person like this and he fits the role well. John Goodman takes on a role that is different from everyone else’s, as when you are through watching the film he appears to be the ONLY good guy in the film, as everyone else has done something to be consider a bad guy or at least immoral.

Take a look at it, its on Netflix, so you can check it out before committing to buying it. If ou want a great companion piece, check out the podcast “Red State of the Union Q&A’s”:


–Eric Curto