The Top Five Worst Horror Movie Mistakes

Did you miss the Slasher Studios Web Cast? Don’t worry, because the archive version is available online now! Listen in as we discusses the all too common pitfalls that horror filmmakers fall into. Check out the preview below and remember…the following mistakes should be probably be avoided.

1) Having a final boy, instead of a final girl.
Horror films (especially the slasher subgenre) can give us something that many other genres can not: a strong, independent female lead. The final girls are able to hold there own and do not need to rely on a boyfriend or anybody else to survive. This is breath of fresh air, as so many films can portray the male as the superior character. It’s great to be able to see the final girl outwit and outsmart the villain to become a memorable heroine.

2) Having an ending that runs on too long.
Not many mistakes are worse than a film that just won’t end! The last reaction a filmmaker wants is a dull audience that is bored and waiting for the credits to roll. So many times, an extra scene is tacked on to no avail. The studio may do this to pad the running time or close the film with closure. Neither are needed and both are terrible excuses to prolong a would-be successful flick. If a story can be told and characters can be developed within 80-90 minutes, then that is what MUST be done. Don’t let your film go from heart pounding to toe tapping because of an unneeded and extended ending.

3) Taking a series to space.
Why so many sequels find themselves floating around in space, is a question that horror fans may never get answered. There is no reason to stray so far away from the previous films within a series. If a film is lucky enough to spawn off multiple sequels, then there is no need to mess with success. Horror fans will not buy into this and sci-fi fans will disregard it as well. If filmmakrs want to make a movie that takes place in space, then they need to create and original story, characters and villains and make it something new.

4) Forgetting the rules established by the original.
Just like the pitfalls involved with taking a franchise to space, forgetting the rules of the original and have adverse effects on a new sequel as well. Remember, consistency is a good thing! Movie goers like to know what they are getting. Audiences want a safe bet when they are spending $10+ on a movie ticket, so why not give them what works, give them what they want and give them what is true to the original.

5) No likable characters or centralized hero.
Nobody wants to spend an hour and a half starring at characters they don’t like or even care about. The audience needs to feel a connection and have an emotional tie to the characters in a film. However, having a nice contrast between likable and non-likable characters is a good aspect to feature in a film. This gives the audience a chance to take sides and root for and against certain characters. This will then draw them into the film to a deeper level and will only help create a more enjoyable experience.

Those are 5 of the 6 mistakes covered in the latest Slasher Studios Web Cast. Check out the archive version to hear the entire episode, and all 6 of the mistakes filmmakers need to avoid when creating a movie.