Tim’s Horror Tweet Reviews: “The Lost Boys” (1987)

Our one and only resident twitter reviewer Tim Schilling is back with a look at the vampire classic “The Lost Boys.” One of the first “MTV style” horror movies some have slammed the film for being a case of style over substance. Nonetheless, the film was a huge hit on initial release taking in nearly $40 million and has remained a popular horror movie to this day. Let’s see if Tim’s stab at the film turns him into a fan of vampire flicks.

Thoughts before the film:
If you’ve talked to me about horror movies before you’ll know I’m not a huge vampire fan. Tons of people recommended this one. #TheLostBoys

Thoughts while watching:
0:05 This movie already has an advantage of being made in the 80’s. I’m a sucker for a good 80’s movie.
0:07 I don’t want my grandpa to play dead next time I see him…
0:09 Read the tv guide, you don’t need a tv! Perfect sense.
0:22 I swear the mother in this movie is smoking something.
0:32 I don’t understand what these vampires are trying to do. Hanging from a bridge?
0:37 I should keep count how many times they said Michael/Mike in this movie. It’s literally every other word.
0:40 You wait until mom finds out you’re a vampire!
0:51 Yup the mom is definitely on something.
0:58 This is such an awkward dinner.
1:01 These vampires are straight up hooligans.
1:14 I want everyone in the town to end up being vampires at the end.
1:23 Death by stereo!
1:24 Are you serious? That was a little boy? I thought it was a girl this whole movie…
1:29 I knew he was the head vampire. I knew it when he asked to be invited in the house.
1:30 I bet the mom is thinking she’s having a bad trip right now.
1:33 Hahhaa, grandpa. “All the damn vampires!”

Final Verdict:
Pretty much loved #TheLostBoys. So corny but smart with tons of horror references at the same time. Great story and music. Not sure if it was supposed to be funny but I got a bunch of laughs out of it. Definitely one of my favorite vampire movies now.

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