31 Days of Horror: Day 24: “The Sleeper” (2012)

The Sleeper is a non-stop 80’s blast from beginning to end. The deaths are graphic and over-the-top in the best ways possible and the direction and screenplay by Justin Russell is pitch perfect. As I watched this film, a smile grew on my face. I saw the references to Halloween, Friday the 13th, Slumber Party Massacre, and Black Christmas and appreciate them more than I can possibly let on. This was made by someone who loves and cherishes the slasher genre and that heart and soul is in every frame of the film. Sure, the movie isn’t perfect. There are far too many characters and some of the acting is a bit flat, nonetheless, those same criticisms could be said about even the best of the 80’s slasher films. Do yourself a favor and check out “The Sleeper”. If you enjoy horror homage at its finest, you will have a blast. I cannot wait to see what Director Justin Russell has planned for us slasher fans next.