Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Friday the 13th Part II” (1981)


Ready for another tweet by tweet review? Tim Schilling is back and this time he is taking on my personal favorite of the Friday the 13th series: Friday the 13th Part 2. Let’s see if Mr. Schilling enjoys the film as much as I do.

Thoughts before the film:
Part two of the marathon begins. I haven’t seen this one in a while, so I really hope it’s better than the first one. #FridayThe13thPartII

Thoughts while watching:
0:03 Alice was the only character I remotely liked in the first one.
0:05 You a psycho biiiiitch!
0:09 I see what you did there. You tried to make it seem like someone was walking to the shower. Real tricky.
0:10 Production wise, this is already a huge improvement of the first one.
0:12 Noooo why Alice!?
0:15 Not this crazy dude again.
0:16 This series really is shot in nice looking areas, I would love to have seen more scenery shots.
0:25 They said it! They said the name!
0:27 I instantly thought of Hatchet when that guy jumped at the campfire. Victor Crowley lives!
0:31 I like these characters so much more than the first one.
0:36 At least there hasn’t been any completely useless scenes so far.
0:38 Honestly 9.999999999/10 times I never see the reason to kill an animal in a movie.
0:40 Run Jason, ruuuuuun.
0:46 A casino? In the middle of nowhere?
0:50 Once the sex and nudity starts it’s horror movie law to start killing off characters.
0:54 Look at that KISS pinball machine in the background.
1:01 Stop killing all the likable characters!
1:05 I just love the bag.
1:09 Whenever I think of Jason, I think of the scene where he like bashes through the window. I have no idea why.
1:12 Pow right in the kisser!
1:15 Did she… Did she pee her pants? Or did I miss something?
1:18 What kinda drugs do you think Jason is on?
1:25 Oh yay the dog didn’t die. Thank you. But that jump scare did get me. Thank you for that also.

Overall: #FridayThe13thPartII is what part one should have been. Though it’s basically the same movie, Part II is done well, has likable characters, and isn’t full of pointless scenes that moves the story nowhere. Bag Jason FTW.

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  1. I do agree that everything with this film was improved, including many of the characters being likable.

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