31 Days of Horror: Day 7: “Bad Milo” (2013)

I saw a trailer for Bad Milo! about a month before watching the film and I had a few concerns. There were definitely some comedic parts I was looking forward too, but worried how hit or miss the jokes would be and if they would interfere with the horror elements. I was also worried how Milo himself was going to play out and if there would be terrible CGI that would take me right of the story. Well, I’m happy to say that this film defied any concerns I had and exceeded my expectations.

Bad Milo! tells the tale of a stressed out man named Duncan. Problems at home, at the office and with his parents leads Duncan to a point of no return as his stress takes on a mind of its own, literally. Milo is the little…thing…that makes his presence known when Duncan is having a bad day and takes it upon himself to relieve the stressful aspects of Duncan’s life. Milo emerges from Duncan’s back end to take care of business and then scoots back on in after the deed is done. There is a twist towards the end that I saw coming, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

The comedy found with Bad Milo! is just my cup of tea. The actors all have impeccable comedic timing as I found myself laughing out loud numerous times. The awkward comedy reminds me a bit of the The Office during the good years and it is so refreshing to actually like the characters and want to be involved with there life. The funny moments play a nice contrast to the horror aspects when Milo does his thing. There were a few bloody scenes and one in particular that will make any man cringe…

Milo himself is cute, ugly, scary and vulnerable all at the same time. Big time props go out to the effects team who created Milo as he has a very distinct look and a very expressive face. The pure absurdity of a little monster with a melon sized head going in and out of a butt hole may push some people away, but I’m all too ready for my copy on blu-ray and fingers are crossed for a McFarlane figure!