Death of the Day – Freeze Face from JASON X

The death of Adrienne comes at the hands of the great Jason Voorhees. Only this time Jason has been frozen and it’s the year 2455. As Adrienne works alone with her back to Jason, she is suddenly grabbed by him and thrown up against the frosted window. The banging on the window is very à la SCREAM 2 as she tries, without success, to get the attention of a fellow crew member. As Adrienne’s pleads go unnoticed, she is grabbed again and is dunked into a sink full of liquid nitrogen. The freeze effect was very well done and was a nice touch. The blonde’s head is then pulled back out of the sink and her face is SLAMMED down onto the countertop. Her face shatters and Jason tosses her lifeless body onto the floor.

Death of the Day: Uberbitch Taylor Fisher Cut from the Class in “Detention”

Today’s Death of the Day comes from the new movie “Detention” the wonderfully manic new slasher film that is now out on home video (main review for the film here). In the opening sequence (which could stand as a wonderful short film of its own) we meet the beautiful uberbitch Taylor Fisher. Taylor is the most popular girl in Grizzly Lake, waking up and telling the audience how to be cool while yelling at her family. As she is about to leave for school, she is brutally murdered by someone dressed as Cinderhella, a horror film serial killer. Sadly there is no video of this death online so I leave you with the stills below. Check out this movie ASAP, it is well worth the watch and might just be the first horror movie of the year that is actually worth owning.

To order “Detention”: Detention (DVD)

Death of the Day–Chloe’s Face Meets Fire Extinguisher–“My Super Psycho Sweet 16”

We have another favorite death of the day for you slasher fans. This one comes straight to you from Sean Wells as he takes a look at his favorite slasher death from his favorite slasher movie, Chloe’s unfortunate demise in “My Super Psycho Sweet 16.” “Definitely the most brutal of the film, this scene caught my attention as soon as Charlie appeared out of the fog and beat her with the extinguisher. These scene wasn’t taken to the extremes with the gore factor because it is made-for-TV, but I found it to be enough to call itself a good scene, and the slight suspense of Chloe calling for Skye had me a bit intimidated by what was going to happen to that poor girl.”

Death of the Day—Basketball to the Noggin in Wes Craven’s “Deadly Friend”

Not many movies have gone through the production hell that Wes Craven’s “Deadly Friend” faced. Ordered by Warner Bros. to add in extra gore and a brand new “shocking” ending, the finished film is a favorite of some fans while others cry out to see the original vision that Craven had in mind. While the final film may be a bit hit-or-miss, one thing is certain that everyone is sure to love. The death scene of nosy neighbor Elvira as she gets pummeled in the head with a basketball as her lifeless torso hits the ground spewing blood everywhere. It’s a hilariously gratuitous gore scene in the middle of a fairly serious horror drama. This movie is all sorts of weird and this death scene is just about the tip of the strangeness. I can’t say this death really fits in with the rest of the movie but at least it’s fun.

Death of the Day—Sarah Michelle Gellar Gets Hooked in “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

Continuing our Death of the Day tribute here at Slasher Studios we have the wonderful Scream Queen Sarah Michelle Gellar in the underappreciated I Know What You Did Last Summer. Many have said her chase scene in this film is the “best of the best” when it comes to slasher films. Why does this death scene work so well? Well as Reece Glen Donnell puts it “this is the ultimate in slasher death scenes because of the eight minute long chase sequence that precedes it. The character puts up one hell of a good fight for her life and has the audience rooting for her until help is only feet away, but in typically cruel slasher style it’s too late. As an audience member I was willing Helen to survive more and more as the scene went on and could’ve cried when the slicker clad villain appeared behind her. I think purely because I wanted the character to survive SO badly and the fact she didn’t after such an epic struggle, is the reason the scene has stayed with me.” Are you hooked yet?