Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Jason X” (2001)


Jason hits up space in “Jason X” and our resident Twitter reviewer Tim Schilling is there to join him with a brand new Tweet by Tweet review.

Thoughts while watching:
0:01 Shortest title sequence for a #FridayThe13th movie EVER!
0:04 If you don’t question how Jason survived the last movie, this makes total sense.
0:07 Just realized this is the first #FridayThe13th movie that was made when I was alive. Strange.
0:13 Hahahha hockey got outlawed.
0:15 I love that the entire earth isn’t even habitable anymore in this.
0:24 DVD isn’t even going to be a word in the year 2455.
0:27 EW stap it.
0:30 Honestly one of the best and nastiest deaths in this series right there.
0:38 The game sequence was so cool and actually pretty smart.
0:52 Jason just killed hundreds of people in seconds and no one ever talks about it.
1:05 Women can’t drive space ships.
1:10 No, he is not high. The first for this series.
1:13 New Jason is badass.
1:23 The second dream sequence is really cool too. It’s one of my earlier memories of this series.
1:27 There should have been a sequel. Because we all know Jason didn’t die.

Overall: #JasonX is too ridiculous to not like. Even so, I think it’s actually not that bad of a movie and really does work as a #FridayThe13th entry

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Death of the Day – Freeze Face from JASON X

The death of Adrienne comes at the hands of the great Jason Voorhees. Only this time Jason has been frozen and it’s the year 2455. As Adrienne works alone with her back to Jason, she is suddenly grabbed by him and thrown up against the frosted window. The banging on the window is very à la SCREAM 2 as she tries, without success, to get the attention of a fellow crew member. As Adrienne’s pleads go unnoticed, she is grabbed again and is dunked into a sink full of liquid nitrogen. The freeze effect was very well done and was a nice touch. The blonde’s head is then pulled back out of the sink and her face is SLAMMED down onto the countertop. Her face shatters and Jason tosses her lifeless body onto the floor.