The Ultimate Slasher Villain: FINAL ROUND

The slasher fans have voted and we are pleased to announce the final two slasher villains that are battling head to head to be crowned The Ultimate Slasher Villain. Freddy Krueger as defeated Leatherface and Michael Myers has taken down Jason Voorhees. Now Freddy goes to battle with Michael for a no-holds-bars fight. Winner to be announced on Halloween! You are allowed to vote once per day so vote now and vote often and let’s see which slasher villain takes the ultimate crown.

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1 thought on “The Ultimate Slasher Villain: FINAL ROUND

  1. Great work so far !! Myers must take the W on this. It’s obvious. Watch H1 and – th scene when he turns his head while sticking the girl into the wall… ahhh priceless,,, and he does not even speak. Bwahahahah!! Thanks Slasher – love you guys,,, check out my site- it’s a horror dig, too. – The Gajonka

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