Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Freddy Vs. Jason” (2003)


Tim Schilling is back to join Freddy AND Jason in a brand new tweet by tweet review, now looking at the film from “Jason’s” side.

Thoughts before watching:
Yes, I realize I already did a review for this movie. But this time I’ll be looking at it in the ‘Jason perspective.’

Thoughts while watching:
0:04 Just don’t question how Jason is alive and it all makes sense!
0:09 I think this is the first Friday the 13th/Nightmare on Elm Street movie I’ve ever seen actually.
0:13 The bed folding death is so gross.
0:14 What a convenient time for a cop to drive by.
0:28 This guy was trying to stop Freddy from coming back, but he goes and tells this in front of everyone. Good job.
0:33 Raaaaaaaveeeeee.
0:35 I love when that guy calls out Kia.
0:41 The dream part at the rave scene used to scare me so much.
0:54 Now that I think about it, this entire movie scared the shit outta me when I was a kid.
0:55 Legend has it? Jason killed hundreds of people!
1:05 Why are cops always useless?
1:06 Freddy pulled a Jason Goes to Hell.
1:07 Pinball Jason made me lol.
1:14 At least camp Crystal Lake is in driving distance from Elm Street.
1:18 His window fetish is back!
1:20 What is with the butter knifes? Kia is my favorite.

Overall: #FreddyVsJason is just awesome. The fight scenes are cool and it’s great to see these two guys in one movie.

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