Horror Movie Challenge: Day 26: Worst Sequel (Paranormal Activity 2)


Hmmm, what should I pick? I have to go with the Paranormal Activity 2. The first one was done just right and I wish it was left alone, but we all know making money is then name if the game in Hollywood. I’ll be the first to say I understand the reasoning behind making the sequels and I know there is a crowd for these, but in my humble opinion, they took away much of the power the original had.

Was the first Paranormal Activity perfect? No, of course not. But it could hold its own against many other films of its style and nobody can deny the success it found. I felt suspense and chills and actually found my self enjoying something so out of my normal slasher comfort zone. Then, immediately after, I popped in #2 and felt instantly let down. It just felt cheap and forced. Found the characters boring and could not get involved in the story.

After viewing this sequel, it has put a damper on its predecessor. Paranormal Activity is something I could have found myself watching again in the future, but now have no real desire to check it out again or even continue with the rest of the franchise. Yes, I may be blowing this out of proportion and probably need to take a step back and just see these sequels for what they are, but many of you have got to agree that Paranormal Activity 2 was a bit of a disappointment. Alright, enough of being such a downer! Let’s go watch some 80’s slashers!