Lost SOV Horror Review: Doll Killer (1987)


Doll Killer. Ever heard of it? Well, not many have and there are some reasons for that. This is been a “lost” film from 1987 and has just recently resurfaced. The story behind the film is in many ways more intriguing then the film itself, so lets jump right into this adventure.

Not knowing anything of the Doll Killer before watching it, I needed to do some research. Seems as though this movie had just one copy in the world…a VHS copy. And this copy was also owned by the widow of the late director who lived in Mexico. She had posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a person to remaster the tape and covert it to DVD. After a few years and many unanswered emails, filmmaker, Dustin Ferguson, finally made contact with the owner of the tape. After a few difficulties, he was able to take possession of the film and eventually showed the world, Doll Killer.

Can the film live up to the amazing story of how this film found distribution and made it’s way to my computer? No, it can’t but that’s still no reason to dismiss it. It has many problems that are typical from SOV horror of the era, mostly the cinematography and acting, but the passion of the filmmakers from ’87 and even the ones who brought it to life now, is beaming through. It is as low budget as it can get, but as we always say, “Support indie horror!” Have fun with this one. If you enjoy flicks like Video Violence and The Basement, you are sure to have a gory good time with this one.