Slasher Studios: Top 10 Horror Movies of 2013

Bad Milo
The comedy found with Bad Milo! is just my cup of tea. The actors all have impeccable comedic timing as I found myself laughing out loud numerous times. The awkward comedy reminds me a bit of the The Office during the good years and it is so refreshing to actually like the characters and want to be involved with there life. The funny moments play a nice contrast to the horror aspects when Milo does his thing. There were a few bloody scenes and one in particular that will make any man cringe…


Billy Club
Billy Club, directed by the creative Wisconsin natives Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer, is one of the top indie films for 2013. With the duo trying to follow up their first feature, Blood Junkie (Rosas directed and Sommer acted), they had big shoes to fill. Although Blood Junkie his hard to compete with, Billy Club came through in a big way. The look of the film is outstanding and the acting can hold its own against many big budget films of the year. The killers wardrobe and weapon of choice will help set this film apart from other run-of-the-mill horror villains.


The Conjuring
This film by James Wan is one of the best looking films of the year. The cinematography and lighting choices added not only suspense, but substance as well. The film is filled with great camera work that really adds to the production value. The effects were creepy and well done, not taking me out of the film for a second. This great looking film was luckily paired with a great story and fantastic acting. If you are searching for that one film this year to give you goosebumps, you have found it in The Conjuring.

Curse of Chucky
Though the film starts with a slow buildup in the first act that results in two off screen deaths, the film nicely comes together in its second act to become one of the best made for video horror movies of recent years. To go on and tell you what REALLY works about this film would be to give away way too many of the devilish surprises. Let’s just say that fans will cheer in delight as the film hits its final act as there are in jokes, references, and homages to just about anything and everything Chucky has done in the past. The backstory might not be fulfilling to some and there might be some leaps in logic, but this is the rare horror sequel that actually appears to be trying to add something new while being faithful to what came before it. If you are a Chucky fan, you owe it to yourself to check this one out. Also, make sure to stay after the end credits for one treat of a scene that will leave audiences howling. Thanks for returning Chucky, you were missed. Now, let’s see some more Chuck!

Evil Dead
Words cannot simply describe the experience of watching “Evil Dead” (2013). For a remake, it feels more like a sequel than anything and I really mean that as a compliment. This is the rare movie that stays true to the original while adding a strong new story, likable characters, and more blood and gore than you will likely see all year. It is relentless in its terror and atmosphere and actually made me feel uneasy at several key moments. If this film had to be cut to receive an R rating, I can’t even imagine what the original NC-17 version looked like. Not everyone is going to come out of this film with the same admiration that I had for it. Those that like their horror “fun” may feel a bit drained by the entire experience but I left the theater shaking. Yes, I found it to be THAT good.

The reincarnation of the 1980 Maniac is told in a modern setting with an interesting and risky technique. A technique, by the way, I applaud. The film is shot mostly for the killers POV. Not sure if this was a way to capitalize on the success of found footage films that put the audience in the position of character, but all in all, this worked. The viewers are given disturbing looks through the eyes of Frank, played by Elijah Wood. This helps not only ramp up the intensity, but also helps with the suspense and surprise factor.

This is the kind of slasher that is about five times better than it has any right to be. So often at Slasher Studios we have been mourning the loss of the “fun slasher.” Well my dear readers, if a fun slasher is what you want…a fun slasher is exactly what you get here. At 85 minutes, it never its pacing never drags and is filled with such a maniacal glee that even the hard core slasher snob will find something to enjoy here.

V/H/S 2
VHS 2 is a much better all around experience than VHS was. The characters are more likable, the stories are better paced, and the concepts and ideas are stronger with some creative execution. Not all segments will hit home with all viewers but you gotta appreciate the effort. I’m ready for VHS 3!


Warm Bodies
Bravo to Jonathan Levine for creating a zombie film that broke out from the ordinary. The undead craze has saturated the market with dull, paint-by-numbers zombie films. Although there have been a few exceptions over the past few years, Warm Bodies was able to bring us horror fans something to interesting and powerful. The idea of zombies having an inner monologue and the ability to live again was fascinating and intriguing. Warm Bodies is able to keep the audience engaged with witty dialogue, cool effects and a unique story to warm even the coldest heart.


You’re Next
I consider myself a hardcore slasher fan, I try to go into every slasher movie I see with no expectations. After two years of hype, Adam Wingard‘s “You’re Next” was no exception. I saw only one trailer and managed to avoid all tv spots. I went in as fresh as I possibly could hoping to dig into the gory goodness. After a fairly mediocre opening, things weren’t looking so hot for the slasher. But then something interesting happened, I started to fall in love with the movie. Starting around the “dinner table scene” I found myself laughing along with the arguments and delicious black comedy as it was something I could relate to. The pitch black comedy (the dead mother line, the “Who is the fastest runner?” debate, etc) was totally on mark for me, and I loved the deaths (no CGI, hell yeah!). It was nice to see a slasher in which we were given a final girl who made the right decisions and managed to stay smart throughout. The ending especially had me smiling in all its macabre madness. It’s not a perfect movie but I had a damn good time with it.


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  1. I have to say guys…

    While a lot of the choices on this list I did not like, I understand the appeal.
    But seriously, I have to question the fact that Warm Bodies got a spot on this list while The Lords of Salem was left in the cold, particularly with how much of a glowing review your site gave it. Just seems a bit weird to me.

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