THE VIXEN OF VENGEANCE Limited Edition DVD Now Available At Slasher Studios


Slasher Studios has teamed up with Luchastyle Studios to offer you their latest thriller, The Vixen of Vengeance, on a special Limited Edition DVD right here at Slasher Studios. We reviewed the film earlier this month and it’s definitely one that you’ll want to get your hands on. We only have 20 DVDs, so don’t miss out on your chance to own this little indie gem.

When Diane finds out that the disappearance of her boyfriend may be more than a disappearance, she seeks out the men responsible to exact her bloody revenge!

The limited edition DVD features 3 commentary tracks:

Track 1: Writer/Director Patrick Pena explains how he made his feature debut for under $1000, and how you can do it too. This informative commentary track explains how you can make your no budget masterpiece.

Track 2: Patrick is joined for a fun cast commentary by stars Michelle Mullins, Pete Garlock and Brandon Nyte!

Track 3: Patrick attempts to deliver a commentary track, while drunk.

The Vixen of Vengeance