TEDDY an Official Selection of the “Operation Kindness” Fundraiser

We have some great news for you slasher fans! We are pleased to have announce that our very own TEDDY will be playing alongside the award winning film BRUTAL on December 8th as part of a fundraiser to benefit Operation Kindness, North Texas’ oldest and largest no kill animal shelter. It’s a great cause and we hope to see a packed house for help those little guys find homes. For more details, check out the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/510672102294586/


Slasher Studios Presents “Tales From Horrorhound Weekend” (Part One)

This has been quite the year for us here at Slasher Studios. We started off this year having our first slasher short TEDDY as an official selection of Chicago’s Fear Fest and winning Audience Favorite. After that, we had an awesome screening at Chicago’s Monster Mash Up, we tore up the screen at Horrorfind Film Festival in Gettysburg last month, and now the biggest of the big. Last weekend, we had the pleasure of being the opening selection of Elvira’s Horror Hunt and very first film festival EVER at Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana. These are some random thoughts regarding the film festival, the convention, the horror celebrities, and the amazing people we met over the weekend. To say this was a weekend we will never forget is the greatest understatement.

As we arrived in Indianapolis last Friday, we (both myself as well as the director of TEDDY, Steve Goltz) were a bundle of nerves. Watching something you’ve poured your heart, soul, blood, and tears with a large audience on the big screen is an overwhelming experience. I really can’t describe the feeling of watching something you’ve made in a room full of strangers. It’s surreal, scary, and exhilarating. Join us for the 5PM screening was J.R. Watkins of Twisted Central (one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and a genuine horror fan at that), Lucas Masson (director of the French slasher “Baby-sitting” which played later that night, who came all the way from France to be at the festival!), Adam Bartlett (co-director of “Dead Weight”, a post-apocalyptic thriller also from Wisconsin and also screening later Friday night), and Juan F. Gonzalez (producer of “The Awakening,” a horror flick to be played Saturday). Along from the ride with these fellow filmmakers included about 40-50 die hard horror fans.

Before TEDDY started, the one and only Cassandra Peterson (A.K.A Elvira) and Joshua Grannell (A.K.A Peaches Christ) kicked off Elvira’s Horror Hunt with an introduction regarding her love for independent horror and how hard it truly is to make a film. With their inspiration words, we kicked off TEDDY with an intro by myself and Steve Goltz. We ran to the back of the room to gauge the reaction from the audience that saw the film. They laughed, they screamed, and they had an awesome time. After the credits ended, we had several people come up to us to tell us how much they enjoyed the film and how slasher flicks really are a dying art form when it comes to making horror movies. Ahh…a sign of relief. They liked the movie! Even J.R., who has seen the movie several times commented how well it played on the big screen with an audience. It felt great and it was nice to have the screening out of the way so our nerves could be cooled…at least until the awards the following night.

After TEDDY screening, we checked out the various rooms filled with horror fans, horror and sci-fi celebrities, and lots and lots of one-of-a-kind horror memorabilia. We were like kids in a candy store. It was awesome! Some of the masks we saw were the best of the best of the best. After we did a little shopping, we stopped by the “Dead Weight” booth to cheer on our friends and fellow filmmakers from Wisconsin, John Pata and Adam Bartlett, who had their own booth at the convention. These guys have a genuine love for horror that transcends their work. They aren’t just horror filmmakers but lovers of the genre who love to help those who are also making independent horror flicks. Seeing their love for our work and our love for their work was a mutual bonding experience that was one of the highlights of the convention. So much love!!!

After chatting with the “Dead Weight” guys, we jumped in line to meet both Heather Langenkamp and Amanda Wyss from “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” Nightmare has always been one of my favorite horror movies and Langenkamp has been my favorite Final Girl for as long as I can remember. Meeting them was a childhood dream come true and they were both so nice and so appreciative, it put a smile on my face for the rest of the night. After meeting the “Nightmare” women, we decided it was time for a few drinks so we headed back to our hotel room to watch “Slugs” and down a few whiskey and cokes before returning to the convention. When we returned to the convention, we meet up with our “Dead Weight” friends and had some more drinks and talked about the “Dead Weight” screening which included 85 people. Wow. These guys know how to sell their film. It doesn’t hurt that “Dead Weight” is one hell of a movie either.

That really concludes day one of the experience. We will be back tomorrow with tales from day 2! Don’t miss our podcast tonight at 10PM central in which we discuss our favorite highlights of the festival.

Slasher Studios Horror Webcast: Horrorhound Weekend


TEDDY Set to Make a Killing at HorrorFind Weekend

This weekend TEDDY is going to be slashing up Horrorfind Weekend as TEDDY takes over Pennsylvania. Are you going to Horrorfind Weekend? TEDDY will be screening this Saturday September 1st at 4:40PM. Tickets are available at the door for a day pass of $25 or a weekend pass for only $45. Support independent horror and make sure to check it out. For more details on the film festival/horror convention simply click on the link below.

HorrorFind Weekend


“Teddy” Chosen as Official Selection of Elvira’s Horror Hunt

We have been teasing some brand new TEDDY news to you slasher fans on our Facebook page for the last two days now and, as a special treat, we are thrilled to be able to share the exciting news with you. TEDDY has been chosen as an official selection of Elvira’s Horror Hunt next month at HorrorHound in Indianapolis. Here is hoping that Elvira and Peaches Christ fall in love with TEDDY the way that we have seen many other horror fans fall in love with the film. We are thrilled and honored to be part of this competition and we will see you at HorrorHound next month! Hope Elvira says some nice things about Teddy in her webisode. Oh..who am I kidding? The badder, the better!

Some information behind the festival:

“From all entrants, 13 feature films will be chosen by a special review board and screened at the Elvira’s Horror Hunt Film Festival at Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis September 8th.

Elvira and Peaches will then review all 13 films via their Horror Hunt internet show and choose the top three films.

Those three films will be reviewed by a panel of prestigious horror industry professionals.

The Grand Prize winning filmmaker and a friend will be flown to Hollywood to attend their very own red-carpet, paparazzi and celebrity-infested premiere at Los Angeles’ historic Vista Theater – hosted live by Peaches Christ and Elvira. The following day there will be a special press screening on the opening day of Comikaze Expo.

These events will be filmed to serve as the big “season finale” webisode.


Thirteen webisodes, each three to five minutes long, will center around Elvira and Peaches Christ reviewing one of the top 13 movies chosen by a qualified review panel. A fun and graphic opening credit sequence will set the tone for a wild, upbeat take on the horror universe while also introducing our out-of-this world hostesses. They will open each episode with a short, shared monologue that previews the current show. While clips from the movie play, the audience will see silhouettes of the back of Elvira and Peaches iconic hairdo’s in the lower portion of the screen ala Mystery Science Theatre, while the girls riff off of the film and each other via biting commentary and playful sass.”


Visit Slasher Studios at Flashback Weekend!

Hey slasher fans! We’ve been hard at work on “Blood Brothers” for the last couple of weeks and we can’t wait for you to see the final film. We think it is by far and away our best film to date. Speaking of Slasher Studios, we hope to see each of you at Flashback Weekend next weekend in Chicago, Illinois. We will be giving away some awesome prizes and have couples of all three of our films “Teddy”, “Popularity Killer”, and “Blood Brothers” for sale with some exclusive extras. If you can make it, we hope to see you there. Make sure to get your passes soon because Flashback has reported that they are almost sold out of many of the premium packages. So come visit Slasher Studios and support independent horror. Mention this post at our booth and get a FREE mini poster with any purchase!


TEDDY Set to Claw Up Monster Mash-Up June 22nd

That’s right everyone! It has just been announced…Teddy (winner of the Audience Award at Chicago Fear Fest) will be an official selection of Monster Mash-Up June 22nd in Elgin, Illinois. Watch the bloody slasher hit that critics can’t get enough of and stay afterwards for a special Q&A by the director, Steve Goltz, and the producer/co-star, Kevin Sommerfield, as they give you the gory details of the making of the hit slasher flick. Below are details of the event taken from the official Monster Mash -Up Facebook page. Hope to see all you boys and ghouls there!

Its a summer, B-Movie Monster themed, Halfway to Halloween party!

Yeah that’s a lot to say, but that is exactly why its a Monster Mash-Up!

This is the first time anything like this has ever happened in Elgin. With the success of Nightmare on Chicago Street last year in downtown Elgin, we found out that there are a lot of Elginites, and other folks from around the area that are REALLY into horror!

Why keep them waiting until next October? Lets keep the excitement going all year long!

-Horror/Art/Oddity Dealers and Vendors
-B-Movies playing in the HUGE film room
-Costume Contest
-Zombie Pageant… and…. MORE!!


Friday, June 22nd
5pm to 11pm
Only $2

Saturday, June 23rd
11am to 11pm
Only $5

Kids under 12 FREE both days!!

Tickets available online soon, and at the door both days!!

166 Symphony Way – Elgin, IL
(Corner of Douglas and Kimball)



Pick “FLIK” To Get “Teddy” and “Popularity Killer” to the SeeFlik Finals

Have you seen our slasher shorts Teddy and Popularity Killer yet? Well here is your chance to not only watch them but to help us get to the horror final rounds at SeeFlik. It’s easy to do, just click on the links below to vote for our films. Just click FLIK, that’s all you gotta do! You can long in using your facebook or your twitter accounts and you are ready to go! Thank you everyone for the support that you’ve shown our films lately and let’s see these two slashers get to the finals!

“SeeFlik is designed to be the most student/alumni friendly festival ever created. There is a simple online application and upload process with no cost to the filmmaker. Once we affirm your status as a current or former student, we post the film and you are entered in the competition. It’s that simple. If we have 4,000 entries, all 4,000 films are entered in the competition. Additionally, we will have two to three competitions per year. We are awarding $50,000 per competition in prizes plus a winner’s showcase for talent agencies, studios and networks. Finally, our judging is conducted in two ways: first, a traditional judging panel comprised of some of the most important screenwriters and producers in Hollywood today and second, you the viewer who can also vote for his/her favorite film much like American Idol.”

To vote for Popularity Killer:

To vote for Teddy:


“Teddy” Named Audience Favorite of Chicago Fear Fest

We received the best news we could possibly get today. Our first short film TEDDY has been named Audience Favorite of the Chicago Fear Fest. We are extremely honored and grateful to receive this warm reaction from both fans as well as other filmmakers. We can’t wait to see what happens to the little killer bear next! Want to see what all the buzz is about? Make sure to order your copy of the slasher hit today! Features a brand new commentary with the filmmakers, behind the scenes stills, trailers, and much, much more!

Critics are in love with Teddy:

Blood Sucking Geek

Texas Horror Flix

The Funhouse

Twisted Central

Maximum Horror

In the Mouth of Madness

Horror Movie Diary

To order Teddy:

Teddy DVD


“Teddy” Director Steve Goltz Takes on Chicago Fear Fest

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you TEDDY.”
As I heard these words announced before the first ever big screen showing of TEDDY, it felt like my heart started beating a million times a second. Would the audience laugh at the right times? Would they believe the deaths? Would they be entertained? Well, sitting in the back row of the theater and taking in the audience reaction, I can honestly say the answers to those questions were: YES, YES & YES!

The overwhelming support and kind words from the fans and the crew of the festival was something I was not expecting. It seemed like every time we walked down the halls of the theater, somebody was coming up to us asking, “Are you the TEDDY guys?” The fans and filmmakers alike loved our little film and couldn’t get enough. It was amazing to hear from so many people who we had never met, that they enthusiastically enjoyed this film. Everyone at this event was so kind and outright happy for eachother and their work. It was so refreshing to be around people who all have not only a common goal, but a common hobby and love for the genre. Such a great way to kick off the weekend.

The overall festival experience was beyond what I could have asked for. The films were of high quality and the entire fest ran very smoothly. A few kinks here and there, but that is to be expected at any film fest. Making it to the HATCHET 2 and HOLLISTON screenings was a lot of fun. Adam Green and Joe Lynch made numerous appearances and mingled with the fans and fellow filmmakers during the after parties. They came with lots of advice and many laughs to help make this weekend even more memorable. Plus, the fact the fact that they were both so down to earth and relatable was a great inspiration to all who attended.

The theater itself was perfect. It was very clean and hands down the biggest and nicest theater I have ever been in. The screens were picture perfect to match the crisp sound and the chairs were the most comfortable this filmmaker has ever sat in. The staff with the theater and the festival were so incredibly nice and willing to help with any qeustion or concern that came up.

So, cheers to the Chicago Fear Fest and a huge thanks to everyone that took the time to come up to us and express their love of the Slasher Studios short, TEDDY! I have the festival itch and can not wait to go to the next. As for Chicago, I’ll see you next year!


Slasher Studios Horror Webcast: Chicago Fear Fest

This week on the Slasher Studios Horror Webcast we will be talking all about the Chicago Fear Fest and Teddy. Want to know what everyone thought of Teddy? What were Adam Green (Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2) like? How were the other short films? What were some of the crazy things that happened in the windy city? Well, to find out answers to these questions and a whole lot more, listen in to our show tonight at 10PM central. It’s sure to be a hell of a good show and we have some brand new “beary scary” news to share with you!!! To listen in live, click on the link below and the show will start at 10PM central. Did you miss the show or one of our past shows? That’s okay, you can listen to an archive through the link below as well.


Did you watch Teddy and love it? Make sure to pick up your autographed copy today!

To order Teddy:

Teddy DVD