10 Days Left for IRRATIONAL FEAR Kickstarter, BONUS Rewards Added

It’s getting down to the wire, slasher supporters! We have just 10 days left to make the latest slasher feature from Slasher Studios, Irrational Fear. possible. We are currently at 50% of our final goal. Remember that if we don’t make our final goal, no one is charged and the movie will not be made. Please share the campaign with your friends and spread the indie horror love.

As a special bonus, if we reach our goal at the end of the campaign (just 10 days away), we will be giving out FIVE Dismembering Christmas prize packs to five backers chosen at random. Each pack will include a Dismembering Christmas t-shirt, a limited edition poster, & a copy of Dismembering Christmas on either DVD or limited edition VHS.

We have a lot of brand new backer rewards recently added that we think will make for a killer good time for any horror fan. Thanks again for the support! We couldn’t and can’t do it without you.

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26 Days Remain To Claim Exclusive IRRATIONAL FEAR Backer Rewards

We now have just 26 days left to make it happen for the latest horror feature from Slasher Studios! Our IRRATIONAL FEAR Kickstarter is up and running and we have some killer rewards for you slasher fans. Many of these awesome rewards, including screen credits & limited edition props, will ONLY be available through this campaign. We can’t make this movie without your help and we know this is going to be our best film yet!

What’s Irrational Fear?

Slasher Studios is teaming up with LA Horror to bring you a slasher style feature that is unlike anything Slasher Studios has ever done before. Titled IRRATIONAL FEAR, the film centers around six therapy patients are brought together at a secluded cabin to confront their strangest fears. Little do they know, these fears will certainly be the death for some of them. Who will make it out alive?

IRRATIONAL FEAR will feature anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to see in a supernatural style slasher film. Brutal, gruesome deaths that will blow you away, fun characters, and a killer setting will help make this a true fear come true.

If you dug our previous films DONT GO TO THE REUNION, DISMEMBERING CHRISTMAS & 2 JENNIFER, you are sure to have a bloody good time with IRRATIONAL FEAR. We can ONLY make this film with your help so become a backer today and make sure to share the word.

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Slasher Studios Scares Up New Poster & Rewards for “Don’t Go to the Reunion”


Some exciting news for you slasher fans, we have a brand new poster for Slasher Studios first ever feature film, Don’t Go to the Reunion. We hope you like it and would love to hear your feedback! Remember, there is less than 10 days to become a backer and we need all the help we can get. Some amazing new rewards that you will definitely want to check out! If you aren’t yet ready for Don’t Go to the Reunion, we have some drive-in totals to whet your horror appetite! Two breasts, two gratuitous male butt shots, several dead bodies, an unstoppable killer, shards of glass to the throat, multiple decapitations, 14 80’s slasher films mentioned, fire poker fu, abandoned mansion in the middle of woods fu, slasher sex scene to end all slasher sex scenes fu, and one hell of a final line.

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