“Man Kills, Jesus Saves” Slashes Up Fall 2016 Release Date


Slasher Studios and UnHollywood Films are teaming up this August for Man Kills, Jesus Saves. Slasher Studios is primarily known for their award winning horror film Don’t Go to the Reunion and the upcoming holiday themed slasher Dismembering Christmas, written by Kevin Sommerfield and Steve Goltz and directed by Austin Bosley. UnHollywood Films is best known for the upcoming Michael Malkiewicz-starring vehicle Practice Makes Perfect and the limited-run comic book series The Extractor, written by Jayme Karales and illustrated by Joel Amat Güell.

Written and directed by Jayme Karales and produced by Joel Amat Güell (The Extractor, Practice Makes Perfect) and Kevin Sommerfield (Don’t Go to the Reunion, Dismembering Christmas), Man Kills, Jesus Saves stars Jayme Karales (Practice Makes Perfect, The Hutchcast) as Duane Sheppard Jr., Michael Malkiewicz (Practice Makes Perfect) as his toady Bobby Jon Reinhold, and features Alex Hand (Practice Makes Perfect) and Kenney Dorcely (Gooby Pls) as two of the camp counselors.

Plot synopsis:
Set in 1988 West Virginia, Man Kills, Jesus Saves centers around a Bible Studies camp for children led by the ever ‘hip’ youth pastor Duane Sheppard Jr. As he and his collective of Christ-loving youth counselors begin setting up camp for the season, a series of strange happenings occur that rattle the members of the site and, in turn, lead to several murders committed by an unidentified killer.

In the midst of this, Duane and the camp itself face the potential of scandal and condemnation due to long held rumors of inhumane treatment and ‘gay correction’ therapies surfacing in The Village Voice. Duane struggles to cover up the murders to avoid further bad publicity and attempts find the killer before things escalate to the point of no return.

A Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production is set to begin in June of this year, and will offer perks like: a walk-on role in the film, signed merchandise such as DVDs and props, and writing advice from more than three different screenwriters.

Man Kills, Jesus Saves marks the third Slasher Studios feature, the second UnHollywood film, and the first collaboration between the two.

Man Kills, Jesus Saves is currently slated for a Fall 2016 theatrical release.