Tim’s Horror Tweet Reviews: “Voices” (2008)

Tim Schilling hasn’t had a lot of luck with the horror genre lately. Our resident Twitter film critic has given 1 “Teddyhead” to four of the last five horror movies he has reviewed. Today he is back with a brand new review of a After Dark Horrorfest selection “Voices.” Will it break his “bad movie record” or will it be another terrible flick to add to the burn pile?

Thoughts before the film:
#Voices is the only movie from After Dark Horrorfest 3 that I haven’t seen yet, hopefully it ends on a good note! Also, this movie is in Chinese or something and has subtitles and isn’t dubbed. This may be difficult.

Thoughts while watching:
0:03 Whenever I watch an Asian film I can’t tell if the actors are really good, or just don’t care about the performance.
0:05 I wish my high school had fencing as a sport.
0:08 I wonder If she’ll really get in trouble for hugging a guy…
0:14 Geez, these guys know how to make a fucked up movie.
0:20 I’m kinda scared to go to any Asian country with all of these curses their movies say they have.
0:27 You must be kinda crazy if you’re the smartest kid in an Asian school.
0:29 The school doesn’t call her parents that their daughter killed someone…?
0:33 Your teacher tried to kill you, why don’t you tell anyone!?
0:40 Everyone wants this bitch dead, if she would die so many other lives would be saved!
0:41 I don’t get it, are there police in Asia!? Just call them!
1:02 Trust no bitch.
1:09 Use your fencing skills and fuck shit up!
1:09 …or get stabbed before you can even get to the sword.
1:17 Just die so you can stop this curse already!

Final Verdict:
I haven’t seen many Asian horror films, but I really dug #Voices. Good story that was really messed up, shot very good and awesome music, It was kind of depressing how messed up it was though. But I’ll be watching more Asian movies soon if they’re similar.

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