Striking Cinematography Makes “Slasher House” A Tale To Remember

Slasher House, directed by MJ Dixon, is one film that must be SEEN to be appreciated. The visuals in this are unique in such a way, that first you will be taken back, then you will sink right in and enjoy.

Red, a naked girl with the brightest of red hair, wakes up inside an old and cold abandoned prison. Red has no recollection of how she arrived inside the prison and sooner than later, she realizes that she is not alone. She finds herself being preyed upon by a pack of serial killers. She does however find a young man who seems to be in the same situation…

Ok, so now back to the look of this film. The overwhelming green tint, enhanced by the standout red hair, took me by surprise at first. I was not sure what to think and was very standoffish about the color pallet. Lucky, it grew on me and the breathtaking cinematography only helped to secure this film as one to look out for. The shot selection, along with the composition, made with film easy on the eyes. A lot of camera movement is one aspect within films that I always not only look for, but enjoy. The dolly shots were flawlessly executed and as smooth as can be. Wanna see the odd, but uniquely enjoyable color tones and high end camera work? Check out trailer below!