Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Scream 3” (2000)


Our resident Twitter reviewer Tim Schilling is continuing his Scream marathon with the often overlooked “Scream 3.” I’ve always had a good time with this sequel. Let’s see if Tim does as well….

Thoughts before watching:
Does #Scream3 get all the shit it deserves? Well, I’m not sure because I don’t really even remember this one

Thoughts while watching:
0:04 Cotton’s an asshole driver.
0:09 I liked Cotton. I wish he wasn’t killed off.
0:09 This intro wasn’t bad but it doesn’t even touch the first two movies.
0:10 Gale, what did you do to your hair!?
0:24 Isn’t being 35 playing a 21 year old a compliment?
0:32 How could they automatically assume they are killing people in order of the script after two deaths?
0:33 This totally has to be Joe from Family Guy.
0:37 Sidney hearing her mother like that definitely has to be a Psycho reference.
0:43 Did not expect the killer to be on the phone at all.
0:47 Pow right in the kisser!
0:50 Awkward hug.
1:09 This is so similar to New Nightmare.
1:17 If you were a screening room, where would you be?
1:26 I wish Sidney was in this movie more. (Yes I know there is a reason.)
1:27 I don’t get how Dewey is still alive at this point.
1:37 Lame killer.
1:37 Well he’s not that bad I guess. It’s just so out there.
1:44 This guy obviously doesn’t know the rules to a horror movie.
1:48 Aw shucks Dewey.

Overall: While #Scream3 wasn’t as smart and as self referencing as the first two, it is still really good. I think it tries too hard to connect all three movies and ways it works and others it doesn’t. It doesn’t deserve all the hate it gets.

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