Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Rob Zombie’s Halloween” (2007)

I’ve often felt that Rob Zombie’s remake of “Halloween” is the cream of the crop when it comes to horror remakes. He was both faithful to the original while giving the material his own innovative twist. Today we have our Twitter reviewer Tim Schilling with his take on the misunderstood remake. Will he be a fan of this remake or feel as though this is one film that should have been left alone?

Thoughts before the film:
Giving this movie a second chance. The first time I saw it I hardly payed attention. #Halloween

Thoughts while watching:

0:02 Wait that’s a lie. I saw this again recently. The beginning makes me so sad.
0:05 This is the last movie I would think the kid from Spy Kids would be in.
0:07 One thing I LOVE about Zombie’s version is that he shows Michael as a kid, and why he turns into a killer.
0:12 For only making like 4 movies, Zombie sure is pretty stylish.
0:19 Good, kinda glad you’re dead Robbie.
0:27 Hi, I’m Michael Myers!
0:29 I totally forgot the uncle from Spy Kids was in this movie!
0:30 Black is a color. Shut up dr. Loomis.
0:42 Dr. Loomis is a drama queen.
0:49 Not sure how I feel about Michael killing the Spy Kids guy, if he didn’t it would show he still had a nice side.
0:49 But since he did it shows he’s a crazy lunatic who kills people who even helped him.
0:53 Obligatory black guy death.
1:07 Sid Haig runs a graveyard in this too? What if this is in the same world as NOTLD 3D? HAH.
1:08 I wanna party in a haunted house.
1:17 Zombie’s Halloween mask > Carpenter’s Halloween mask.
1:27 Danielle Harris is pretty damn hot.
1:46 Gah I hate the eye gouge thing. It’s painful to even watch.

Final Verdict:
Complain all you want about remakes, but Zombie makes a great looking movie no matter what. Besides the movie looking awesome, you can’t really compare it to the original. The movies are completely different and each does their own thing that makes BOTH of the #Halloween movies good. I think Zombie’s will be remembered as much as the original eventually.

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Tim’s Horror Tweet Reviews: “Exorcist II: The Heretic” (1977)

I have made it clear on many occasions that I am not a big fan of the supernatural subgenre of horror movies. While they can be done well, too often they resort to boring cliches (a door slamming a much of times just isn’t scary to me). That being said, “The Exorcist” is an undisputed classic of the “possession” subgenre, rightly so. The sequel, “Exorcist II: The Heretic”, not so much. Today our Twitter reviewer Tim Schilling takes a look at the black sheep of the exorcism family.

Thoughts before the film:
Gonna be honest: I like The Exorcist, but I don’t like it as much as everyone else seems too. And people aren’t too keen on #Exorcist2 so…

Thoughts while watching:

0:03 Good thing I spent 4 years learning Spanish so I could understand nothing when someone actually speaks it.
0:10 I’m not religious at all, but movies like this that mess with religion always creep me out.
0:18 This scene with the flashing light thing is pretty freaking creepy.
0:21 Holy fuck. Demon Reagan in the glass.
0:32 Reagan grew up very… nicely.
0:36 The music in this is pretty damn creepy, I think it’s perfect.
0:41 Oh no not the flashing light thing again!
0:45 Pazuzu you and your creepy screams/chants are freaky as fuck, don’t give me nightmares.
0:52 “what’s the matter with you?” “Oh, I was possessed by a demon!”
1:07 I saw Scary Movie way before this so I always think of that scene when she’s peeing everywhere when they play this song.
1:30 I feel like this hypnotizing machine thing was just a bunch of peoples’ ideas in one just for this movie.
1:39 The taxi driver was like, lol bitch why u wanna go to that demon place!?
1:48 Trying to wrap my head around this whole story…

Final Verdict:
Everyone who said The Exorcist 2 was terrible is a hater. The story was great, it mixed so well with the first movie. I’m not a fan of these types of movies usually but I really liked this one. Also: awesome music.

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Tim’s Horror Tweet Reviews: “The Amityville Horror” Double Feature (1979 & 2005)

Our resident Twitter reviewer Tim Schilling is back with a double feature this time of both the original “Amityville Horror” as well as the well liked Ryan Reynolds “Amitville Horror” remake. This is the first time we have down a twitter review double feature so let’s see how it goes and let’s see which one of the two horror flicks Tim thinks is a cut above the other.

The Amityville Horror (1979)
Thoughts before the film: Original ‪#TheAmityvilleHorror‬. The remake will be the next movie I watch. I have never seen either, haunted house movies aren’t my thing. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve seen the ending to this movie a bunch of times. One of my earliest horror movie memories.

Thoughts while watching:
0:09 If the side of the house didn’t look like the freaking devil, I’d love to live in it.
0:16 Sneak into someone’s house, get attacked by flies. Karma, bitch.
0:17 That thing that screamed get out made me pee my pants. I dont do ghost movies cause they scare the shit outta me.
0:21 Dads in movies are always so brave to go down in the basement. Fuck that, I won’t go near the basement.
0:25 Little do they know, all the ghosties are watching them do the nasty.
0:29 If I wake up at 3:15 tonight I’m gonna cry.
0:34 Oh okay so my house used to have the same flooring as the house in this. Am I gonna be haunted tonight?
0:37 Nuns are overdramatic.
0:46 Nice headpiece.
0:48 Oh man she really wanted to get out of the closet. Her knuckles were bleeding after a minute.
1:00 George is getting a little grumpy.
1:10 This movie has way too much filler in it.
1:19 Jodi, your eyes scared me. You’re a jerk.
1:24 Hey lady you gotta pay for breaking my wall.
1:25 Oh no there’s something under the stairs. I need my dog right now.
1:28 Something as simple as turning the cross upside down is terrifying in this movie.
1:32 When horror goes all religion like, it freaks me out. I really don’t know why.
1:33 Like, that guy just went blind. What the heck! Que the creepy music.
1:34 Oh fuck me. Where were those drums coming from!?
1:36 Thank god my cat just came clawing at the door. He ain’t leaving my room.
1:47 What’s a pig doing in your house?
1:49 I bet they were waiting until the house started bleeding to finally decide to leave.
1:51 The dog asshole, get the dog!
1:53 It’s tar man from ROTLD!

Final Verdict:
After all of the horror movies that I have seen, ‪#TheAmityvilleHorror‬ is honestly one of the scariest. Even though it is really dated, it’s scarier than most crap that is made today.

The Amityville Horror (2005)
Thoughts before the film: Remake this time!

Thoughts while watching:
0:04 I can never take Ryan Reynolds seriously. I just always think of him in Waiting and Just Friends.
0:08 The house isn’t as creepy looking as in the original.
0:15 I like that they have the same mirror in the bedroom as the original, they were unique and weird looking.
0:18 But I don’t like, is that they’re actually showing the ghosts…
0:19 I find it hilarious that this little girl ends up playing the bad ass Hit Girl in Kick-Ass.
0:24 Fuck ghost movies, not this again!
0:31 LOL, this babysitter.
0:34 I wouldn’t be able to stay in a house where people were murdered at.
0:46 Um what are you doing on the roof?
0:50 What I like a lot about the remake, is that the kids play a bigger part than they did in the original.
0:57 You killed the dog, you’re dead to me.
1:03 The guy saying GEEET OUUUT in this one totally failed, no way did it match the original one.
1:11 Why do all remakes have to try to be stylish? They all look exactly the same.

Final Verdict:
‪#TheAmityvilleHorror‬ improved in some parts over the original a lot, which I thought was really good, but it went over the top when it tried to be as scary as the original. The entire ending didn’t work, & the fact you could see the ghosts this time made it less scary.

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Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Bloody Murder 2” (2003)

Yesterday our resident Twitter reviewer Tim Schilling took a look at the awful would be “Friday the 13th” clone “Bloody Murder.” Today he is back with an all new tweet by tweet review for the sequel, cleverly titled “Bloody Murder 2.” Is it as bad as the original or is there hope for this would be franchise after all?

Thoughts before the film:
What am I getting myself into…At least people say this is better than the first. Please be true.

Thoughts while watching:
0:06 They said the name. I look for this in every movie now…
0:07 Wait, so is the girl the same from the first one? I can’t even tell.
0:12 He was counting for 20 seconds… And they made it seem like he was there for 20 minutes waiting for them to hide.
0:13 This movie is exactly the same as the first one so far. What the heck.
0:17 There’s actually blood in this one!
0:25 Death count by arrows in this movie: like, all of them?
0:34 Stop crying, it’s your fault you’re a skank.
0:39 The only good thing about this movie so far is this guy’s catchy ringtone that has gone off about 20 times now.
0:52 I bet they’re gonna try to make it obvious who the killer is again, and then switch it into someone completely random.
0:59 Oh god here’s when it turns into a detective movie just like the first one.
1:11 I told you they would make the killer seem to be someone, and then change it to be someone completely random.

Final Verdict:
The production of ‪#BloodyMurder2‬ was better than the first, but that still didn’t make it a good movie. Boring story, annoying characters. Thank god there isn’t a third entry in this series.

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Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Bloody Murder” (2000)

In 2000, a movie was released that was the end all be all “Friday the 13th” rip off. Too bad the movie in question was about fifteen years too late to capitalize on that franchise’s huge success. The movie was titled “Bloody Murder” and it was ripped apart by horror fans and critics alike with many calling it the single worse horror movie of the decade. While I personality didn’t feel it was THAT bad (did these critics in question watch “Ax Em”?), it certainly wasn’t good by any stretch of the imagination. Today we have our faithful twitter reviewer Tim Schilling ready to take a look at the film to ask the question, “Is Bloody Murder really THAT awful?”

Thoughts before the film:
Finishing up this pretty bad 8 pack from Walmart I got months ago. I’ve been avoiding this… ‪#BloodyMurder‬

Thoughts while watching:
0:02 Chainsaw has been done before.
0:04 I wonder if it’s a law in the writing world to called everyone names Julia, jewels.
0:13 They said the name! I didn’t think they would in this movie.
0:17 They faked being the killer two times already, I’m not gonna believe it’s the killer next time now.
0:25 Lemme just push you off the boat, watch you drown for a little bit then bring you back up.
0:27 I don’t know what movie these people are watching in this, but I’d rather watch that than this one. Make sense?
0:31 Ohhh your watch beeps on the hour… Please let me have your technology.
0:32 Is this a detective movie? Sherlock Holmes right here.
0:39 How did this movie not get sued by the people of Friday the 13th? This is exactly the same.
0:45 Really? A character’s name is Jason? There’s a difference between homages and blatant copying.
0:58 How can someone “seem really tired” if they’re already sleeping?
1:02 Falling on your butt = scratched up knee.
1:05 …oh I’ve seen this movie before. I remember turning it off before I finish it, wonder why.
1:10 No, it was not drew. The guy in the mask was way bigger and taller than her.
1:12 It took like 5 murders for the cops to finally close down the camp.
1:17 This makes absolutely no sense. Like at all. Did a 5 year old write this?
1:24 I bet the guy walking away is the killer in the sequel.
1:25 Wait never mind he’s dead.

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Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Zombie Honeymoon” (2004)

Hope everyone is having a wonderfully bloody 4th of July today as we celebrate with another twitter review from our resident guest critic Tim Schilling. It should be no surprise to anyone that I adore slasher films (it is, after all, the name of this site). Well, as much as I love slasher flicks, Tim loves zombie action. Today he is back with a brand new review of “Zombie Honeymoon.” Should be a match made in horror heaven, right?

Thoughts before the film:
I saw this movie a while ago, and I don’t remember if I liked it. It’s different from what I usually watch. #ZombieHoneymoon

Thoughts while watching:
0:06 This couple is really weird, like I don’t know how to explain it without showing. WEIRD.
0:10 I wonder what the chances are that you’re alone on the beach during the summer, and a zombie comes outta the water?
0:17 “It’s okay, you’re a zombie and bit me, I liked it” -bimbo girl.
0:21 You’re afraid of getting boring, so you both quit your jobs and leave your apartment. I don’t get it.
0:24 This grown man is overly excited about everything that happens to him. He’ll probably die if a bug lands on him.
0:30 I bet on every page of this script you’ll see “I love you” a least 5 times.
0:37 You already ate the fat guy’s face off, you aren’t a vegetarian anymore.
0:44 Jersey accents….
0:44 “sorry for biting her”.
0:53 Portuguese zombie doctors, best in the business.
1:09 I wonder if they intentionally made the guy look like zombies from the original Dawn of the Dead.

Romance and horror seem like it’s impossible to combine. I’ll give #ZombieHoneymoon props for trying to do it. The first hour didn’t work. At all. But the last 20 minutes improved A LOT, and if the whole movie was like the ending, it would have been a great horror romance movie. #ZombieHoneymoon

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Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” (1986)

Our resident Twitter reviewer Tim Schilling is back with another slasher review, this one for the underappreciated sequel “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.” The first one was a huge hit with both horror fans and critics alike receiving rave reviews and huge box office ($30 million on a budget of less than $1 million is pretty damn impressive). Will the dark comedy of the sequel sit well with Tim or will he “buzz” it to shreds?

Thoughts before the film:
I watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the first time (don’t judge) a few weeks ago & LOVED it, I hope #TheTexasChainsawMassacre2 holds up!

Thoughts while watching:
0:02 Why did I not know Tom Savini did the makeup for this!? I love him.
0:03 So far, I’m diggin this music. A lot.
0:06 I have a feeling… That these guys are gonna die.
0:10 This bridge is pretty damn long.
0:19 That chili looks terrifying.
0:19 …and there was a tooth in it.
0:24 I’m not sure if the guy selling the chainsaws was scared or getting turned on by the cop…
0:36 This guy in the radio station is seriously freaking me out. Why is he lighting the hanger!?
0:36 Is he one of the brothers from the first movie? I can’t remember.
0:37 Never mind. I always answer my own question.
0:46 Hey stupid bitch, you’ve had like ten minutes to run away now.
0:48 This girl must have watched a lot of horror movies. She knew that if she called the cops, they would do nothing.
1:02 No way is he still alive. He got beat with a hammer, his face ripped off and most of his skin ripped off. Bs.
1:19 How is grandpa still alive!?
1:26 That chicken shit burrito man!
1:29 Why is Bill Moseley so good in this movie?
1:31 No Leatherface. You have a chainsaw in your stomach. You can’t fight anymore.

#TexasChainsawMassacre2 had a very different feel from the first one but in this case it worked. It was creepy, funny & I liked the story a lot. I also thought it was shot very well, like the first. I liked the lighting and the sets were really cool.

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Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Leprechaun” (1993)

Today for you slasher fans we have a special double feature of the luck of the Irish. First off, we have our resident Twitter reviewer Tim Schilling with a brand new tweet by tweet review for the one and only “Leprechaun.” Is it worth your time or has your luck just ran out?

Thoughts before the film:
I’ve actually never sat down and watched this entire movie. I’ve only seen parts. Maybe parts is enough. I saw most of three and actually liked that one too but it’s been a while. I’ll be watching the first 4 over the next week or so. #Leprechaun

Thoughts while watching:
0:10 Continuity people, geez!
0:12 If only Jennifer Aniston was still this young…
0:15 “Oh, you mean this place here?” You mean the house I just watched you walk out of?
0:18 You’re like 4 years old, do you even know what beer is?
0:22 Why I’m a leprechaun!
0:28 Ozzy is in the running for the most stupid movie character ever.
0:33 Whoever did the killings is back because they like it it. How did this not win the Oscar?
0:31 Jennifer, you SAW Nathan walk away. How would he get under the truck!?
0:33 A leprechaun on a tricycle is terrifyingly… Funny.
0:37 This dude isn’t a leprechaun, he’s a vampire.
0:46 He realized he was ugly as fuck.
0:51 Why would you even paint your house that shade of blue…
0:55 But why is it daytime outside when it was just the middle of the night?
1:00 I wish I had a cell phone like that. I didn’t even know they had phones back then…
1:02 Come on Jen you met these people just earlier today, don’t be such a bitch.
1:05 “me golden delicious gold” why did this not win the Oscar for best screenplay.
1:10 I may have actually just jumped when the leprechaun came through the floor… Don’t tell anyone.
1:26 I bet this kid needed to get permission to swear from his parents.

At least #Leprechaun was entertaining to watch. It’s cornyness is what is going to keep the movie known and talked about and not be forgotten like a lot of ‘good’ movies are.

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Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (1974)

Our resident Twitter reviewer Tim Schilling is back with another bloody good slasher review. This time Tim is taking on the immortal “buzzworthy” slasher classic: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Does it still hold a edge 38 years after its original release or is it a classic that has not withstood the test of time? Get out your chainsaws and start hacking as we find out.

Thoughts before the film:
Gonna watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre… yes? The original #TexasChainsawMassacre!

Thoughts while watching:
0:00 Apparently #TheTexasChainsawMassacre is wildly popular cause I’m getting retweeted and favorited like a mofo right now!
0:05 In 2001 Maniacs when Eli Roth’s character throws an armadillo at the car, #TexasChainsawMassacre reference anyone?
0:12 10 minutes in and I think I now know everything I need to know about killing a cow.
0:17 That dude was freaking weird and completely random. What the heck just happened!
0:18 Let’s get sliced open from a random freak and read horoscopes guys.
0:21 The guy who kept on going back to wash their car, way too funny.
0:29 Franklin sounds like Donald Duck.
0:39 I can imagine this movie being terrifying when it first came out.
0:46 Sweet Jesus Leatherface, your screams are freaking me out.
0:50 Sassy Sally.
1:01 Smackin Sassy Sally with a broom.
1:11 Grandpa’ is alive!? Or I don’t even know, what the heck just happened.
1:15 There’s the Psycho reference I’ve been waiting to see all movie.
1:17 Tobe Hooper is a very over dramatic filmmaker, but it works perfectly for this movie.
1:18 Sassy Sally is always jumping through windows like she does it on a daily basis.

I honestly did not know that #TheTexasChainsawMassacre was as scary as it was. From the weird&creepy music to the seriously frightening screams of Leatherface,#TexasChainsawMassacre is one of the scariest films Ive seen.

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Tim’s Slasher Tweet Reviews: “Slaughter” (2009)

Our resident Twitter reviewer Tim Schilling is back with another slasher review. This time he is taking on one of the After Dark Horror Collection titles, “Slaughter.” I tried watching this flick a few years ago and for whatever reason, I just couldn’t get through it. Let’s see if Tim has the same reaction or if its a title that deserves another chance.

Thoughts before the film:
Not too sure what #Slaughter is about, but it’s one of the few movies from the third After Dark Horrorfest that I haven’t seen yet.

Thoughts while watching:
0:05 If your characters are gonna be younger than 21 at least make them look young and not 30 year olds…
0:11 A whore farm girl, what.
0:19 Number one way to pick up a girl: go to an opera.
0:31 This jimmy guy is creepy. She finds him in her house naked with blood all over him?
0:32 Oh I lied. It was a dream.
0:35 There’s at least one inbred moron in every movie I watch.
0:33 Whoever did the killings is back because they like it it. How did this not win the Oscar?
0:35 The sandbox scene… How is that even possible?
0:39 Pigs is a recurring theme in #Slaughter.
0:49 This bar is poppin’. A whole three people!
0:50 So far, not anything horror related has happened.
0:57 How can dozens of cars fit in that pond!?
1:00 See, you can never trust any redneck inbred.
1:05 No no no not the teeth don’t mess with her teeth.
1:05 If I have nightmares about my teeth now I’m gonna be upset.
1:08 Enough teeth stuff already! Please!
1:27 You’re nothing more than a cheap whore.

#Slaughter was your typical ‘hostage girl’ movie I guess you could call it with a few different but good twists. Also had pretty decent acting.

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