Why We Love: Nancy Thompson (“A Nightmare on Elm Street”)


For me a great hero is someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves in order to save those around them. Especially the ones they love. My favorite hero is Nancy Thompson played by Heather Langenkamp from the Nightmare on Elm Street. Nancy is likable, smart, and resourceful. She feels like the door next door and she is someone that everyone can relate to. She gives her life in Nightmare on Elm Street 3 because of love. She can’t save those around her and she dies trying. BUT, she never gives up and she fights to the bitter end against Freddy. She’s fantastic!


1 thought on “Why We Love: Nancy Thompson (“A Nightmare on Elm Street”)

  1. Not that I don’t love Nancy as well, NoES is my favorite series, but she didn’t die to save anyone. They thought the battle was over; Freddy sort of disintegrated into light, and then her father is there and she goes to him to hug him, but it was really Freddy doing one final scare/kill. It’s easy to defend Nancy as a hero (she figures out how to kill Freddy in all the movies that she’s in, she sets up booby traps, teaches the other Elm Street kids that they have power in their dreams, etc), there’s no need to make up this “she died for love” crap when there’s so many real reason to praise her. This looks like someone just needed to post something and pulled something out of their butt.

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